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"Developing the offense" my a$$

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I agree, Alex needs to make those plays in crucial times when it counts most, like in OT, but instead we punted.

Can't deny he's making progress though!

So you feel Alex was to blame for Goodwin letting Ratliff right up the middle for the 2nd down sack? And then Ginn ran the comeback 1 yard shy of the marker and still juggled the ball enough to not get his feet in for the 1st?

{ sigh }

Oline giving up sacks are definitely things he can't control, but perhaps on that Ginn play when he ran a short comback route, maybe Alex could've changed a play or audibled another route instead of a comeback route, imo comeback routes aren't the most popular routes to run on 3rd and long, but perhaps it was the "safer read" and less risky throw

So now it's Smith's fault his receiver didn't run his route deep enough? Oh I know he should have known that was going to happen before it actually happened and audibled to deeper route instead of putting the responsibility on the WR's to actually do their job. Once again Smith has to do everyone's job for them. SMITH YOU SUCK!!!

Oh and comeback routes and quick outs are actually pretty common for attempting to pick up a 1st down on 3rd down along with a quick slant.

I'm not blaming everything on Alex (maybe 80% of everything) but if there's 1 guy responsible for all 11 guys on the field it's the damn QB!

Alex Smith does a good job of what he's asked to do, it's about time for him to go above and beyond that, especially when it counts. Improvise a play in the huddle, create a mismatch with hot routes and audibles at the line, confuse the defense somehow someway...but no, Alex will only do what he's told.
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As others have said, I too agree with the original post 100%. Now, there are a variety of factors why our O has been so poor thus far (general weariness about Alex Smith, poor OL play and rampant miscommunications, etc) but it really is embarrassing to see a bunch of other teams with either past their prime QBs (Hasslebeck) or rookies (Newton and Dalton) throwing the ball around and looking great doing it.

A lot of this boils down to our scheme so far. I understand why Harbaugh may want to hold back a bit--the reasons cited above plus the abbreviated offseason--but we need to open up the offense and play to win instead of playing not to lose. Smith has actually played best when operating out of a spread formation, or at least allowed to throw the ball downfield. I believe that, though the group may lack an outright superstar, our pass catching corps is, top to bottom, among the most talented in the league: Crabtree, Edwards, Morgan, Ginn at WR plus Davis and Walker are very solid, the most talented group on O, and need to be exploited as such.

All in all, I'm tired of watching piss-poor offensive play coupled with a scheme designed not to lose the game rather than trying to go out there and actually win it. It's embarrassing, especially when a bunch of other teams with similar questions on offense are playing well, or at least exciting.

I love the Niners and always will. I truly enjoy watching the games and try to see every single one each year. That said, I find myself having more 'fun' watching games of other teams with good, attacking offenses. I'm willing to give Harbaugh time, but he needs to drop the Nolan/Hostler/Singletary/Raye approach quickly. Outside of QB, we have the skill position players to be dangerous on O...and I think Smith can be a serviceable QB if given the chance.

I agree we need to increase our O package but its gonna be a process not a quick change. Jim will not push the scheme if in practice he can see that the O just isn't ready for it yet.

I know alot of posters think its Jim's lack of trust in Alex that is holding the O back but I'd beg to differ. I think Alex has a better grip on this O than any other O player. But all of the O players have to be on the same page. That means the oline has to have their blocking schemes down and the backs and wr's have to be in sync with the qb. This is gonna take more time but then maybe some can just discount what Joe Montana had to say on this issue?

And our wr's core is not that great or at least they have not shown that they are up to this point. We have no clue about Crabs, who never sees the field and is always hurt, runs bad routes and tips balls all the time. Braylon is good but has not played much due to lack of time with the team and now is hurt but I'd say is our best wr if healthy. Ginn has great speed but his hands are suspect, which is why we got him for pocket change. Morgan has potential but never seems to get seperation. Love Davis but teams can double team due to lack of respect for our other wr's. I have high hopes for this group but they like the rest of the O will take time to develope in this WCO.
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