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where is carson palmer
where is carson palmer
we win this we are back on track
lol bengals aren't beating us. sorry you bums
Originally posted by moose963:
where is carson palmer

retired....and ocho is a patriot now
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dont want to overlook this game, but this is a game we should win. f**k the east coast
Originally posted by mike:
Originally posted by Uppercut:
Your logic fails here because we have 56 games and a losing career record to evaluate Smith by vs a Rookie who already is looking better than Smith.

You have zero logic to even draw upon, you can't fairly evaluate someone who has zero history with someone in the league for 6 years... You can't point at 6 years of losses when that rookie hasn't yet had the chance to lose for 6 years or even one lol.

So take all the history and shove it. Dalton today has played two games against mediocre if not downright horrible pass defenses. It's not like he's thrown for outlandish stats like cam newton, he has managed to play a clean pick free game but hasn't exactly done anything Smith hasn't done in his past. Smith has a few 300 yd games in his history, especially if the team is down and he actually has to throw the ball.

It's also just not fair to just look at dalton's week 2, in which he threw the ball 41 times in one game, while smith has only been allowed to throw the ball 42 times combined in 2 weeks. He has done everything the coaches have asked of him but they've never let him free.

f**k the bengals n all the ex niners on that team. Go Niners!!!!!!
So ready for this game
Need to win so we'll be 2-2 coming back home

Originally posted by Uppercut:
Originally posted by GuessWhosOn3rd:
Yeah i remember when we played the Seahawks...yeah, i remember when Smith barely got a chance to throw the ball with the play calling. Yeah, and i also remember when Harbaugh dialed up a lengthy pass play, Smith answered with Completetions. Same thing with the Cowboys game. i.e. Kyle Williams TD, Delanie TD.

So i suggest u watch some film first before u realize Smith is actually becoming a good qb this year. Dont care what anyone says

He's becoming a good QB this year? Based off 2 games and a history of being trash? People like you are willing to go 15 years with a losing record because you have Jesus like hope that Smith will take us somewhere. By week 8 he'll be back to his normal deer in the headlights self.

Smith wasn't great the last two years but he wasn't trash either.
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28 49ers
14 Bengals

Originally posted by lazy:
28 49ers
14 Bengals

I think the Niners will win (despite the 10:00am start time), but 4 TDs and no FGs

I'll go with 30 - 13
Originally posted by Joecool:
Yeah, we really want the 49ers to lose.
You cannot have objectivity. If you see a loss, it automatically means you are not a fan. Whatever!!! Blind homerism bites!!!
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