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What was the worst moment in franchise history?

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On the field, week 3, 2004. The 49ers were shutout for the 1st time in 23 yrs, and they haven't recovered since.
April 23 2005
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Originally posted by BETTERDAYZ9ERS:
April 23 2005

Yeah, that day ranks pretty high up there.
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Originally posted by smashmouth51:
Who cares? Look forward not backwards

I would if there was anything to look forward to.
Originally posted by FL9er:
On the field, week 3, 2004. The 49ers were shutout for the 1st time in 23 yrs, and they haven't recovered since.

Totally agree. It was a mild bummer at the time but team unity and morale has spiraled down since that day and time. We have great players - VD, PW, JSmith but our sense of being a Team is still foreign to us. yes, I am perplexed by it and have no suggestions of how to 'cure' it. Maybe JYork should acquire an Eastwood - type maniacal glare and start threatening to start lopping players until we start winning consistently. Beyond that, ?????
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2005 draft when we took Smith over Rodgers
When Niner Talk was born
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Modern Era:

#1 - Losing Eddie D
#2 - Steve Young concussion
#3 - Roger Craig fumble in NFC Championship game, losing us the game
#4 - Terry Donahue hire
#5 - Bill walsh death (even if he wasn't with the team)
#6 - Alex Smith selection in draft
Originally posted by HessianDud:
Originally posted by MadMoneyMarshall:
For me it was when I was a small child and the niners let go of all their good players. T.O Jeff Garcia Julian Peterson..etc..idk if there were more. That was a long time ago and I was like 5

this is the most heartbreaking post in webzone history.

Not that I'm some old man, but at least I remember Young and Rice, etc, in their glory. I can't imagine being a fan and only being able to remember as far back as Garcia. You are a true fan and/or a disgusting masochist.

Im just a dedicated fan

Never seen a above .500 team in my days on earth as a diehard
Originally posted by MadMoneyMarshall:
Im just a dedicated fan

Never seen a above .500 team in my days on earth as a diehard

That is dedication. When the Niners start winning again, you are going to go bananas. It's not until you start losing do you really appreciate the winning. I'm 30 years old and my fondest memories were the 90's. When BY and Stubby were anchoring the D-line with Norton handling the LB's. '94 was an amazing year to watch. I've watched all the old Super Bowls and read up on them, but I didn't reach the age to actually appreciate the team til the 90's. Keep on strong.

And back on topic, worst moment was Young getting knocked out for me. That and the years that we cleaned house and got rid of our talent (Garcia, Peterson etc).

Probably firing Mooch and hiring Erickson and letting Donahue run the team. I remember being like 10 and we had TO and Garcia and we atleast made the playoffs
The day we picked up Lawrence Phillips.
Joe Thomas years.
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When Roger Craig fumbled as time was running out, in the NFC Championshop game versus the Giants. That was brutal to watch. I still having got over that.
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Yeah, for me its a tie. When Eddie lost the team to his sister. Not only was it horrible then but we have been feeling the affects of it now for over a decade. Then of course the NFC Championship game in January '91 going for the almost sure "ThreePeat". Montana gets knocked out of the game and misses nearly two years (I cried when he took the field the second half of his last game against Detroit-and went crazy when he threw touchdowns to Brent Jones and Amp Lee), and then to add insult to injury Craig fumbles and we lose the game instead of going on to crush Buffalo.
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