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Who are we kidding . . .

This is taken from an article on yahoo I read: (In case you wanted the link)

"The acquisition of McCown, the best former Raiders-and-UFL quarterback available (sorry, Daunte Culpepper), does nothing to either enhance or detract from the conspiracy theory circulating among the Bay Area lunatic fringe.
The theory is that the 49ers have a secret plan to finish with the league's worst record and thus win the Andrew Luck lottery.
The theory is juicy because landing Luck would be an unbelievably great thing for the 49ers. They've been wandering in quarterback wilderness for a decade. And Luck would be a huge selling point for would-be stadium investors and season-ticket buyers.
But come on: That Luck conspiracy theory is absolutely ridiculous. I'm 75 percent sure of that.
You don't build a season around the rallying cry, "If we're sucky, we might get Luck-y."
Harbaugh and the 49ers would have to be crazy to shoot for that top draft pick, for two reasons:
-- If the 49ers wind up as the losingest team in football this season, after signing the hottest coaching prospect, angry fans will lose faith. They will storm team headquarters and reduce the complex to rubble. That said, if any head coach in football is emotionally equipped to ignore the critics, it's Harbaugh, whose self-esteem isn't dependent on backslapping from you or me.
-- Coming down the stretch at the end of the regular season, the Luck Lottery is going to get extremely heated. No team simply will waltz into last place in the overall standings. It will be a three- or four-team dogfight, and frankly, the 49ers might not have what it takes to out-stumble other contending clubs.
The Alex Smith/Colin Kaepernick/Josh McCown parlay isn't likely to please many fans, but realistically, how much better could the 49ers have done? Matt Hasselbeck? Getting a season out of him would be like trying to drive a '72 Chevy cross-country.
From the beginning, circumstances pushed the 49ers into a quarterback corner. There weren't any top-10-type quarterbacks available, and the draft was iffy. Snagging Kaepernick in the second round seemed like a worthwhile gamble on a quarterback of the future.
The only questionable move by Harbaugh was handing the top job to Smith, instead of bringing in some other proven mediocre quarterback who wouldn't have to carry the emotional baggage of Smith.

The reason I started the thread off with this quote is because we have lied to ourselves for far to long. There was a time when anything less than a Super Bowl win was considered a wasted season. That was the standard, period. No if and or buts about it.

Now we are a dog and pony show, with a lot of dog and pony, but zero show.

Its no secret I am not a Alice Smith fan, not in this or the next 1,000 lifetimes so there is no reason for me to go there. My gripe comes from the top quote that we would sign a QB because he knows his place. . . These are grown professional men we are talking about right.

Were is our pride, our backbone, our sense of self worth? We have a trophy case with 5 Super Bowl Trophy's and in 2011 we are being made to sound like are the Lions, who haven't won one!

I brought into the "Sing Sting" and the famous "I want winners" motto, but I truly can not say that we do at this point. Only after 1 preseason game and the Alice Smith show does Captain Comeback finally realize, whoops maybe I made a mistake. What did you miss the last 6 years of reruns?

When our new coach came in, I really hoped that he would clean house. Smith, see ya. Morgan, peace out.

Only after seeing Smith, cause he missed the last 6 years, does he say oh we need a veteran QB. We have not been aggressive in FA, pretty much the same team as under Sing minus a few players and yet people believe that we want to build a Championship team. How, I have no clue.

The Rams and Cards will battle for the West. We will be rebuilding, still, next year (yr 2 for Jimmy). 49ers are still a once proud franchise turned laughing stock.

So my question is how many faithful really believe that management wants to win a Super Bowl and build a winning team? If you believe they do please give an example as to why you believe that.

FYI - NFL HCs avg 3-4 years as a HC before they are canned if they do not show progression, division title, playoff win, etc. This year is burned, unless CK is a fast learner or Josh is . . . nvm unless CK is a REAL FAST learner.

Hope Jimmy beats the timer (I am 1000% behind him, our team and want him to succeed) he will be unemployed in 3 years...Might want to consider that new off season and FA Jimmy.
didn't read, lol.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
didn't read, lol.


btw is this deo guy an alias of telecat? seems awfully similar...
I'm pretty upset about keeping 'Alice' as well...

But its the beginning of the season. I have to be optimistic and stoked for the season right now. Alex is our best shot. There will be plenty of time to reflect our fall from grace when we are mathematical out of the playoffs.

Right now you have to hope for the best...

Whine much?

Also, since when is Josh Morgan worth cutting? Who was behind him that was so dope? Ted Ginn? Please.

And again with the Alex bashing but not ONE word about the offensive line, which was simply OFFENSIVE last weekend.

Moving along...
it would be really cool if i had more bacon on my pizza
Originally posted by NickSh49:
Whine much? Also, since when is Josh Morgan worth cutting? Who was behind him that was so dope? Ted Ginn? Please. And again with the Alex bashing but not ONE word about the offensive line, which was simply OFFENSIVE last weekend. Moving along...

Yep. It's the same old, same old ....
And if an adult was authoring the blog, he would have criticised Smith's qb-ing rather than indulge in playground insults. Fact is, whatever you make of his ability, Smith has shown a lot of class at SF. More than many of his detractors including this guy.

Did we need the 354,478th thread b***hing about him and saying nothing new?
It´s easy to say "why havent they brought in McNabb, Palmer, Kolb xyz", have you considered maybe that those players did NOT want to come to SF?
Hasslebeck has chosen the Titans over us.

Years of losing, of terrible HC ( erickson, Nolan, Singeltary) leave a mark.

harbaugh has to make an impression this year so that we become interesting again.
Look at the Lions, they have become interating again, players are recognising that the organisation is no longer terrible.

twice there were high hopes 2007 and 2010 and both times we have failed.
What a load of crap.


the harbaugh / kaepernick experiment has failed us

time to start over
People are delusional if they think a team will intentially lose just so they can get the #1 pick. Look at it this way, that #1 pick isn't going to singlehandedly turn a franchise around. It's a team game. The veterans are not going to just roll over so some rookie QB can come and lead this team to the promise land a few years down the road.
This guy was on the Democrats blog posting the same garbage the other day. Too bad there is not a required IQ test you have to pass to be able to post.
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