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Originally posted by qnnhan7:
J. Smith 'There ain't nothin I can do for ya, son. I'll tell your ma, I sent you off right'

That's John Wayne Cowboy there 100%.
In reviewing the Vanden Bosch -- I don't think he was off-sides, to me, he seems to move right on the snap and cross the line as the snap is going back to Smith. The discouraging thing about the review -- if Staley didn't get owned on a simple outside speed rush -- it looks like Smith had both VD in the seam and the outside receiver break open for potentially big gains.

That could have totally changed the way the game opened, and taken the crowd down a notch.

What I like about this is that JH seems to have called a pretty agressive opening play. Good coaching again!

You might criticize that the play should have planned to give help to Vanden Bosch's side if the throw was to go deep. But I say Staley should have done his job better.
too many joexcuses imo. Staley blew it on that play
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
too many joexcuses imo. Staley blew it on that play

Agreed. He needs to step it up. He has a long way to go before being a franchise LT
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
too many joexcuses imo. Staley blew it on that play

I get Mangini's point, but frankly, that is the lamest thing I have heard.

#1. The alignment was man coverage -- no mistake there.
#2. The movement of the inside coverage guy -- back and too the outside -- was the read, not the specific coverage!! As a matter of fact, both coverage guys on that side seem to initially favor covering the outside. What else was Smith supposed to read? The route combination was doing exactly what it was supposed to do, get the inside cover to move back and outside! BECAUSE, Delaney would flash in front of that for the slant.
#3. Regardless of whether this was a disguised coverage or the inside guy read the QB's eyes and broke his coverage back inside, his initial movement back and outside created the lane for the route, the throw, and the forward progress for the TD.

YEAH, after the fact you might say teh coverage was a disguise -- but it is irrelvant to the offensive design and execution!

GIVE ME A BREAK Mangini -- maybe that's why you aren't a HC anymore, you are tooo smart for your own good.
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i completely agree. it wasnt a blown read because the initial read..EVERYONE who knows anything about football would have read Man coverage. I dodnt know alex smith was supposed to be psychic and read zone when the play showed man.
Originally posted by monsterzero789:
too many joexcuses imo. Staley blew it on that play

This, it took like 2-3 series but the Olinefinally settle down a tiny bit.
Walker said that as soon as he saw the coverage, that he was getting the ball. F U "Mangenious"
Also on the second or third play in which Anthony Davis was called for false start, Delanie was in motion for the Wham play that they shredded the Lions with a couple times later on in the game. They were going for the jugular from the get! I love that!

Yeah D Walk and Alex both said they did everything right and got what they wanted. Crabtree was basically supposed to run the 2 guys off from what I understand. That created the opening for D Walk.
it is done and over with. It happened for a reason. We showed toughness and will to not give up.
Does it even matter at this point. We still got the winning td man coverage or not.First take from espn tries to get "experts" to explain football terminology in lamen terms. Problem is if mangini is such an expert he wld still be coaching instead of slurping every penny he can get. Hes a nice guy but building a winning team is not in his resume'.
cant turn sunshine into to s**t mangini.
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