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Anyone think Josh Morgan can breakout this year?

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Losing Morgan stunted our offensive development.. ..... but you know no-one ever seems to think about that......JAMIE DUKES!
  • what is jamie dukes saying about 49ers this wedk?
oh, he "broke out" alright.
in before the broken le... never mind
Morgan is a good guy. Too bad he is going to miss the first playoff game in 9 years.

But, he'll get more in the years to come
we are gonna sign him to a two year for cheap next season.. then he breaks out and renegociates after next season. he is a regarded as the best blocking w.r. highest jumper ..and i am totally confident he can blossom under the current system . Good dude for sure and will end up being a steal signing next year
we need him badly for this game
he is a versital receiver that allows us to run or pass unpredictably. a good every down dude. we have missed him all year
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