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PYMWYMI, 2011-2012 Edition (Year 6)


Too much flux in player and coaching personnel. New offense, new defense, new special teams and key pieces are now missing. I think coaching can make up for some of it, but we're headed for a losing season.


Niners lose the first 12 games and Willis/VD demands to be traded. Balke trades Willis for a 5th round pick. Patriots sweet talk balke into trading VD and their 2012 first round draft pick for Danny Woodhead.
Put me down for 8-8. We have a COACH now. An offense Coach.
I say 9-7
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10-6 Better coaching should net us 4 wins plus the 6 standard wins against crappily prepared teams that we would win even if Richard Simmons was coaching the team.
  • dwett
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Everyone is down, so with less talent the niners pull off a miracle season.
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  • zero
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abandon all hope ye who enter here
5-11 fml
3-13 I just dont have any confidence this team has any clue in wtf its doing this year.
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first time EVER I'm predicting a losing season
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