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PYMWYMI, 2011-2012 Edition (Year 6)

8-8 and in Wild Card contention.
As I have for the last couple years, I will go 9-7, win the West, get blown away in 1st round
Originally posted by verb1der:
8-8 and in Wild Card contention.

No way the Wild Card teams will be near 8-8.
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just went from 6 wins to 8 with rogers signing

now get a new c and move snyder to RG thats another win

at least in my book

Ten and sixy
6-10 too much territory to make up in a new system

Eight y Eight
Add my name to 9-7 and delete me from 5-11 please :D
I'd like to re-vote if we sign a sexy WR and competent S.
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