Originally posted by Afrikan:
no I'm tired of waiting....I say if the situation calls for it later this year, put him in....and if he looks lost, even with our receiving personal....then we move on and give Baby Jesus a chance.

and if God Forbit that doesn't work...go after Matt Flynn in the offseason.

now I'm not saying give up on those two youngsters....I say we keep them around and still develop them, but we move on to try to bring in a QB who can help us win now. (I'm talking about next season).

as long as we are making moves.....I'm a person who HATES bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway. Sure just riding it out might be the smart thing, BUT I prefer to get off as soon as I can...as long as I am putting the effort of trying to get to my destination...be it driving on the streets, so be it.

Of course, 'be it driving on the streets" because driving in bumper to bumper traffic isn't REALLY driving is it. I mean your at the controls, but it more like riding on a bus. And "hey, how did I get here?" moment is god awful.