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Round 1, #7, the San Francisco 49ers selects Aldon Smith, DE, Missouri

...why? this is horse-ish
Originally posted by BMoore56:
Who the f*ck is this guy????? i feel like the f*ckin raiders ughhhh!!!!!

calm down dude. Even Yahoo had this guy at 10 on their big board, with Cam Newton #25.

Second rated pass rusher behind Miller. We went for need at pass rush.
Is this the first step in getting ANDREW LUCK?????

Ok, after crying in the fetal position for 10 min. I've come to accept this pick. And you know what, I trust Baalke/Harbaugh and maybe they saw something. I trust them. Good Pick, now we have our own Clay Matthews who's way young. He's only a Redshirt Soph. right?

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I dont understand the Prince love. The guy cant play press man. He's a zone player.

Aldon Smith will get to the QB.
This guy is more like Julian Peterson than anything else. People are pissed because he's not an in vogue name but he was realistically the best pass-rusher the 49ers could get that didn't have significant question marks attached to them.
Was he really the best DE they could have drafted? This is confusing because there were other players rated higher as DE's. He is probably too young to make a difference in his first two years, he's a Soph?
Very happy with this pick. Folks, a good pass rusher makes a secondary look great. We need a pass rusher. We've needed to address the glaring lack of one for years. We just did that with our first round pick.

Will Aldon pan out? Can't say. But at least this is a move to address what has been a huge problem for years on this team.
a lot of upside here. Surprised though.
feels similar to how the Tyson Alualu pick last year to the Jags. He actually played pretty dang well for them last year though, so hopefully that too can be our result here.

yes he is a reach, but I had him top 15, same as OTC and MD.

He is a good pass rusher, so Im not pissed, wanted trade or amukamara but i can live with this pick.
And this is why we have sucked for so long
He's only 20 years old!
f**k you Baalke, Im gonna kick your ass.
Originally posted by Sjceruti:
I dont understand the Prince love. The guy cant play press man. He's a zone player.

Aldon Smith will get to the QB.

The thing that even worried more than that is that he gets juked worse than Nate Clements.
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