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Round 2, #36, the San Francisco 49ers selects Colin Kaepernick (QB) Nevada

Originally posted by GMniner805:
Terrible pick, the 49ers blew it

Why not trade up for Dalton??

First of all, no.

Second of all, Pats wanted a 1st rounder for their pick. So you really want to give up a first for your homey Dalton?

Love the pick.
Originally posted by TruNinerFan:
We gave up a 2nd, 4th and 5th to move up 9 spots. That seems like alot with all the holes on our team. Harbaugh must really love this kid. I like the pick, I just we didnt give up too much
acc to the draft value table, thats not much...we have another 4th-rounder and we still have our, we have our qb. good job, imo.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
STANZI IN THE 3RD!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally posted by AmpLee:
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Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
49ers made a solid pick, anyone know what they gave up to move ahead by 10 spots?

They swapped 2nd round picks and they gave up a 4th and 5th rounders.

I'm surprised they gave up so much to get this guy. Seems desperate. Scouting reports say he is very raw and a development project. Now, maybe in the hands of Harbaugh that will pay big dividends a couple years down the line, but that seems like an awfully steep price. All we needed, IMO, is an accurate passer who can distribute the ball. This guy is one of those runner/passer hybrids.

I guarantee that this guy was the guy all along the Niners were targeting. You don't wait for someone else (Like the Tards) to draft the guy you covet in a position of need. I love the pick and don't mind the trade to get him.

Arizona doesn't want a rook, they want a vet. They haven't taken anyone because they're going to be in the Kolb sweepstakes.
Originally posted by servegmo:
if Harbaugh like him, then I love him!! :)

go nienrs!!!

Yeah this! We moved up to get him, that's all we need to know. This has Harbaugh written all over it. Any of you knocking this, get over yourselves, you DON'T know more about QB's than Jim Harbaugh
Originally posted by mayo49:
We didn't have to give up a 3rd. Beutiful.

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so what do we do now? does CK get the nod this year or are we still going to attempt to bring Smith back? I agree Arizona needs a QB probably worse than us and they are avoiding it & are craving Bulger.

I like the Aldon Smith choice more as I read about the guy, and then this.. pretty awesome draft so far
Any QB Harbaugh takes i'm happy with it.
Originally posted by endz0ne:
Interesting. The Niners' first two picks are developmental "project" players. So much for winning the NFC West next year...but if they turn into our version of Aaron Rogers/Brian Orakpo,,,

Guess we'll just wait a few years to see.

Harbough said that aldon smith "is not a project" he expects immediate results
I've watched Colin for the last few years and he is a winner! I can only remember seeing him have 1 bad game, and he almost brought Nevada to a come from behind victory in that game against Hawaii.

I'm cautiously optimistic about this. If anybody can make him a success, it's Harbaugh.
Originally posted by b9er37:
As a Nevada fan and a Niner fan I couldn't be more excited! I'm happy for Colin and I really believe in Harbaugh to turn him into a legit QB. Dude is seriously a winner

This is why we have develop the next great Niners QB. I sure hope Colin can get it done!
Hello Marc Buldger. Welcome to SF for the next year while we groom this kid.
I felt good about this pick as soon as they moved up. I was even more confident in the pick once Dwight Clark took the stage.

FINALLY! Another franchise QB. Only took us 7 years to get one!
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