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Who is your favorite Niner currently with the team?

Who is your favorite Niner currently with the team?

Originally posted by TenderLoinTimmy:
Originally posted by 49erFaithful6:
LOL at Alex being the 2nd behind Willis.

Hey, for reals, what the hell's up with that? Technically, he's not really on the roster nor Westbrook, Spikes, etc. Out of that bunch, my vote goes to Spikes.
Most will go with Willis, I'll go with Gore.

1. Gore
2. Willis
3. VD
4. J. Smith
Originally posted by bigmike55:
I voted for Alex Smith because he's the greatest QB of all time.

Fine print:

Player must wear number 11, be drafted by the San Francisco 49ers and must enter the NFL in 2005 to be eligible for this particular "greatest QB of all time" award. Failure to meet any of these requirements automatically disqualifies any entrant.
Originally posted by IstruckG0LDS0N:
Jesus, nuff said...

Well when they make a favorite current coach poll you can vote for Chryst.
1. alex smith
2. alex smith
3. justin smith
Funny, I hadn't thought about it but most of my top five (maybe even ten) are on the D.
Something's missing......

Originally posted by TenderLoinTimmy:
Something's missing......

Yeah I was gonna say...
1. Willis - #1 MLB in the NFL PERIOD! face of the franchise.
2. Gore - Heart and soul of our offense for the past 5 years. Leader and stud.
3. A. Smith - back in 2005,2006 id have him #1. you gotta support the QB.
4. Crabtree - I find myself looking at his stats and highlights more than any other niner.
5. V. Davis - Talk about a complete 180, dood is a top end TE.
6. J. Staley - Has been our most talented OL since Larry Allen.
7. J. Smith - you gotta love his non stop motor and his love of the game. best DL on our squad.
8. T. Mays - was a huge USC fan during his stint. I want to see him ball out next season.
9. M. Lawson - When will his double digit sacks come??
10. M. Iupati - Lets see how he does in year 2. ton of upside and talent.
10T. T. Ginn - Revamped the return game. want to see more explosive plays this season.
Vernon Davis all The Way! Most gifted Tight End to put on a uniform. And he's ours!!!

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The Cowboy!
Davis is definitely the Niner that gets me pumped up and excited the most about watching the team play.

I just wish that a quarterback was my favorite player on the team b/c that would mean we'd have a stud at the position. Hopefully under harbaugh we'll have someone there in the future along with our other beasts: Gore, Willis, VD, Crabtree, J.Smith, Iupati, hopefully A.Davis, hopefully T.Mays, hopefully new pass rusher.

And there you go! You've got yourself a SB contending team! But first you've got to get that muf**king QB.

Apparently 12% of NT are comedians.
In order:

Alex Smith

Michael Crabtree

Frank Gore

Ricky Jean

Taylor Mays

Reggie Smith

Ted Ginn

Anthony Dixon

David Baas

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alex smith? really?
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