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Do You Support The Signing Of Harbaugh?

Do You Support The Signing Of Harbaugh?

Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
I would not have supported any other hire. I was seriously considering not renewing my season tickets had they not hired Harbaugh.

I received the invoice to re-up today (much earlier than in years past) and they raised the prices $500.

Coincedence? I think not.

$500 big ones?
Originally posted by danimal:
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by danimal:
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by danimal:
I voted NO.

This franchise desperately needed a retread HC and probably a retread GM too.

Harbaugh will end up the best out of the 4 York HCs....but will ultimately be one of the inferior HCs of the 2011-2013 campaigns.

Who ever gets the HC Jim Harbaugh beyond 2013 will be in really good shape though. It will probably be the Patriots or something.

How dare you speak against the chosen one.

its like March 2005 all over again for me.

But I was 100% sure about Alex Smith and Mike Nolan.
I am only about 60% sure on Harbaugh

of failure or success ?


When the Mike Nolan and Alex Smith regime started I reserved myself to just give up the next 5 years. I was wise to do so.

With the Harbaugh regime, I am 60% sure it will fail....but will leave some room for hope this time.

Nolan wasn't that bad. He just hitched his coaching career onto a QB that just wasn't ready for prime time. Nolan lucks out and drafts a Phillip Rivers/ Matt Ryan type...he probably still has a job.
yes!! Harbaugh will give the 49ers a new identity on offense
Great hire.

For the record: yes. I must note, I was an Alex Smith supporter up until he it was clear to me that he would be a headcase as long as he had SF on his helmet. So I reserve the right to hate him if it blows up in our faces.
you mean, do you support the signing of Playoffs?
1. Harbaugh was my #1 choice for over 4 months now.
2. I have no problem with Baalke, and think he is much much better then McCluless, and like the job he did in 2010.
3. I think Jed York has done a good job on the steadium, and very happy his father is no longer the front man of the York ownership. Remember Jed is half DeBartolo.

I believe this is the best situation, since Walsh steped down as GM around 2000ish.

It's koolade time.......................
Absolutely support Harbaugh’s hiring 100% because he was the best man for the job.

Jed and Balke are trying to set up the organization for long-term success and to do that they needed to find somebody who met a lot of different criteria:

- Someone who could/would stick with the organization and learn and grow with Jed and Balke
- Ideally a younger guy and 1st time Head Coach in the NFL
- Was either a successful NFL coordinator or a successful college head coach – A winner
- Someone whose vision and philosophies aligned with Jed and Balke’s
- Someone with an offensive mindset (not sure if implementing WCO was mandatory)
- Highly intelligent with the ability to effectively strategize against top competition and make quick in-game adjustments
- A ‘Grinder’ who will put in the work and time necessary to prepare his team to win
- A passion for the game and drive to be the best
- Ability to prepare, work and manage well under pressure
- Ability to put together a competent coaching staff
- Ability to properly develop and utilize talent, specifically QBs

Harbaugh meets all of these.

When questions came up about Harbaugh’s ability to make the jump from college to the NFL, the consensus seemed to be that Harbaugh's background of 15 years as an NFL QB, his coaching family pedigree, previous coaching experience in the NFL, exceptional offensive mind and organizational skills, fiery competitive nature, work ethic, great instincts, and success at turning two college programs around all bode well for continued success in the pros.

To top it off, Harbaugh was the hottest coaching prospect in years and he wanted, yes WANTED to be a 49er, even if it meant making less than he could elsewhere. He was the perfect fit and the perfect hire by Jed and Balke. Congratulations to them and US!
Originally posted by BobS:
Originally posted by NCommand:
Personally, I thought Jimmy Johnson would be the perfect coach for this team at the moment BUT I support the hiring of Harbaugh and hope he brings some credibility back to the organization and accoutability from the players and cheers from the fans. We all deserve that!

Wasn't Johnson the last high profile college coach to have major success in the NFL? I personally wanted Billick, but am happy to see the Yorks finally open the wallet.

Someone named Barry Switzer already, but I believe Tom Coughlin also was a college coach. Bobby Ross didn't win a Superbowl, but he did make it to one, so I will count him as well.
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The posse of bananas riding four legged green long necked animals supports the hiring of Jim Harbaugh

Sink or swim this is a hire that has the best chance at turning this franchise around...


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Originally posted by RonRon:
Yes I support Harbaugh.

I hope he drafts a QB like Mallett and we win the west next year.

I do not want to be a kill-joy, but experience should temper our expectations. Most of us were hopeful with Nolan until reality showed us that he wasn't quite what we had thought.

Remember how so many got excited about JTO, Hill, Troy, etc., until reality exposed its ugly head?

Keep in mind that this league is composed of 32 teams, most of which are managed by smart, capable FOs and HCs. Everything has to be solidly built and properly run if a team is to operate as one of the best.

Harbaugh may be good, much better than Nolan and Sing., but it will take more than just him. Is our roster strong and deep enough? Do we really have more holes than you realize? Do we have dead wood that Baalke and Harbaugh believe are not what they want to work with? If so, then we will have more holes to fill than can be filled in one year.

I am inclined to believe that H. was a good signing, but I will wait and see. Don't tell me - show me.
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This is the only Head Coach bandwagon I've jumped on.

I hate myself for doing it.

Too late now.


Originally posted by RonRon:
Yes I support Harbaugh.

I hope he drafts a QB like Mallett and we win the west next year.

Mallet? Nooooo.
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