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This is why nobody likes you, Niner Talk

we're already stuck without a qb. wtf are you smoking?
alex smith is a good qb you bone heads why do you think he was drafted number 1, he had 5 different philosophies six OC's and 2 head coaches, you people who say he sucks make me hav to take a shyt, your all dumb and simple minded, would joe montana have made it in a spread offense, no he would be a bust. even though ive been a die hard fan since i could speak, i hope alex smith runs from SF at the end of the season and has a hall of fame career elsewhere and sticks it in all your dumb faces, the 49ers failed alex not visa versa, this discussion is directed at the idiots who post on it all the time not at my point that alex is a good qb, someone out there thinks your all dumb, and im sure theres more where that came from
Only person that could make Alex smith look good is Andy reid
I agree with you, but MORE Alex threads are not welcomed or necessary!!!!
Jamarcus Russell is a good QB boneheads why do you think he was drafted #1?
If he back ups River in SD, with Turner as his OC that would be the best spot for him.
I agree! Alex Smith is good QB and Nfl people think he is! 6 cord, bad coaching and stupid calling!! be careful what you wish for fans
Originally posted by pantstickle:
Originally posted by pantstickle:
Originally posted by pantstickle:
Do NOT start a new thread if it's about the current game, firing Singletary, or about Alex Smith. Use the search function before starting a thread or you will be warned and your thread will be merged into this humongous pile of nonsense.
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Look, alex smith who I support is not getting it done, Troy smith does not know the playbook, he does show flashes. David Carr flat out sucks...

Nate Davis has not even been tested, he knows more of the playbook than Troy. We need to see him play, I believe any other coaching staff would have pulled him up as soon as they realized that all our qb's dont have it. What do we have to lose?


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