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Post Game Analysis (vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Originally posted by ozanter:
Sing got the tingly's that there's still a chance for playoffs, so he did what he does best, conservative football game-plan. He only let johnson off the leash cause last 2 games it didnt matter anymore.

Agreed i think he said wait ok were in the playoffs run run run. johnson goes sure will run run run and i'll have your job tomorrow and then will go pass run troy runs or passing for a first down. lol we didn't try to get troy on the edge enough i thought moving him out of the pocket was what we keep trying to do, but sing wanted to run and be safe in iform
Rachal and Davis need to be benched ASAP. I don't care if Boone is ready or not, he couldn't do any worse than Davis. Davis is clearly in way over his head, bench him and let him learn from the sideline. He can try again next season....

As for Rachal, he should simply be cut. He is a constant reminder of the horrible 08 draft class and continues to play below avg. on a good day. Get Snyder or Wragge in there for the love of god.....

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Since 1996 (when I was 8) and became a Niners fan, I've never shut off a game voluntarily. Today was close. I told myself once we were down 21-0 if we didn't get a TD on the very next drive I was done.

I ended up not shutting it off, but I should've. This team sucks. We can only win games against crappy teams, and that's a big if. I guess, to be optimistic, we can at least win a game, unlike the 2008 Lions.
Singletary got to Alex Smith, Troy Smith and when he couldn't get to Shaun Hill, he traded him.
Originally posted by Freeman4Six:
Originally posted by niners94:
Originally posted by WillistheWall:
Originally posted by Freeman4Six:
I think it goes without saying the I was entirely correct about my Bucs all week long.

You weren't classy during the week, and I won't be classy now.

You guys got taken behind the WOODSHED.

"Patrick Willis is gonna F Blount UP!!!"

Uhhhhhh....80+ yards.

LOL So because some jerk is coming on our INTERNET MESSAGE BOARD talking s**t, we're supposed to be classy and be like "yes we totally suck, we're going to get assraped, just please be polite enough to bust out the lube"? WHAT DID YOU EXPECT US TO SAY? Seriously just stfu now before you make yourself look even stupider. Get a life and get off the comp and the other teams message board and go outside and go find yourself a prostitute so you can get laid for the first time in your life.

I would have just ignored him. They beat a team coached by an idiot, not hard to do.

I thought your offensive coordinator was supposed to be some sort of genius, though?

dude wtf do you want,go enjoy the victory we totally suck and you act like you beat the best team in the nfl or something.You must have a truly miserable life.
Yeah, I think so. The play calling was soooo different compared to last game
Idon't blame Troy for this loss. This loss has Singletary written all over it. Johnson said all week that Troy has another week to work on plays and that the offense was going to open it up. You can't blame Troy when he is told to hand the ball off to Gore and The O-line can't block anybody, to have time to pass the ball. Everybody seems to be focused on making the playoffs when they can't even win a game. Why go to the playoffs and be totally made fools of. And then they will all say Sing got us to the playoffs, the teams turning around and then next year they will be right back with the same old crap. It's time to clean house at the end of the year and start over, because the Yorks have got the team in the same old spin every year.
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Fire Singletary.
Originally posted by Wodwo:
Fire Singletary.

Conference time
Originally posted by ads_2006:
Originally posted by Wodwo:
Fire Singletary.

Along with, Manusky, Wr coach Sullivan, Mcdonald, Rachal, Norris, haralson, Goldson.
Barring a 6 game win streak.............hahaha...........playoffs are a fantasy..........

same mistakes almost every week.........

porous oline
unimaginative offense
soft coverage
inability to go downfield
3rd down offense and defense
clock management
create no turnovers

enough............let's get an offense minded coach with experience
live press conference....

"we just have to get back and watch the film...."


"i gotta look at the film on that..."

is this the only s**t he knows how to say?

"why we couldn't run it i'm not sure just gotta look at the film"

Well what a surprise, "watch film", "move forward", and once again "we gotta look at the film"
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