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Jed York texts ESPN...

Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
LOL jed is buying into sing's slogan's now , don't you guys remember this guy is also the guy who said this is the last time our season ends in december. This guy is a joke i wouldn't take nothing out of this.

Jed is an impressionable 27 year old that got mesmerized by Singletary. If you think about it, they are SO gullible. Remember they were gonna fire Nolan, then Nolan talked at them all night, and Jed says "well, okay." wtf

Better call your Uncle, I think I know what he'll say.
Way to create more doubt, Jed!

Not what I wanted to hear from the owner. Instead, just say I am carefully evaluating the situation and for now, I support the HC.

That would have been a lot better!

Instead, we get this!

Not feeling warm and fuzzy as a season ticket holder right now.
Sure...I thought he promised we were going to be in the playoffs? Man this is a weak attempt to pump us & the team up .
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Whatever he says makes no difference at the end of the day, but it is an easy public way to show support for your team and let's your players know you believe in them. I think it is the first time he has shown some public interest in this team.

Yeah, Jed finally goes public by saying something stupid.

Do you expect him to say "we are going nowhere"? He needs to keep putting butts in the seats and not have his players quit, although it may be too late.

He was better off saying nothing than sending that text.

No way!

This text is a message to the team, not to the media. Believe me, he's sending an indirect message to Singletary and the players and the assistants.

That may be, but to everyone else it just looks like he really is as immature and out of touch as they always thought. The guy is under 30 and was given the team by his parents. He, more than just about any other owner in sports, has to prove that he actually has some idea what he's doing. Sending out delusional text messages is counter productive, even if they are veiled threats.

How is it counterproductive? The team is 0-5. I think age has absolute nothing to do, you don't have to be an old fart to be successful. His mistake is not surrounding himself with knowledgable football minds. Talking to uncle Eddie (if true), just doesnt cut it.

It's not counterproductive for the team (well, maybe it is, but that's not what I was saying). It's counterproductive for York himself.

Age is a factor, because age is related to maturity and experience (two things he appears to be lacking). But more important than age is the issue that he did nothing to earn his role. The rest of the league, media, and sporting world views him as a child who was given a team by parents who didn't really want to deal with it (and weren't any good at running it themselves!).

So when I say it's counterproductive, what I'm saying is that it's not doing anything to disprove the widely held belief that he's too immature and inexperienced to successfully run an NFL team.

And btw, I agree that his youth and inexperience would not be a big deal if he surrounded himself with top football people. But part of how his immaturity is hurting the team is that he does not seem to think he needs those top football people, and couldn't identify them if he did.

I think Jed came in out of school (college) believing this will be a cakewalk. He probably has a lot of booksmarts, but nothing beats experience and learning on the job. He needs to realize he took a crack at it and he is in way over his head. He should learn from Daniel Snyder.
Originally posted by susweel:
WTF the is wrong with this franchise.

Does he not realize we are 0-5, that ZERO WINS AND FIVE LOSSES.

I actually liked Jed for awhile there but he seems to be clueless just like the rest of them.

Maybe York and Dingleberry will thank the Raiders after the game again if we end up losing next week.

Delusional talk is mighty damn cheap ...... and we are still 0-5 at the end of the day. Damn I sure am glad that we are in such a weak @ss division but didn't the Cardinals just beat New Orleans.

Couldn't York at least have waited till we had one one game before being so damn delusionally prophetic.

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Man this is soooo embarrassing, just shut up Jed, please let us suffer with some dignity. Hand to face.
All this coming from the same moron who said 2 years ago our season won't end in December anymore. Hey Jed, why don't you put your money where your mouth is? When (not if) your guarantee fails (again) sell the team. It's that simple. We all know you're full of sh*t and all talk (just like all your hires). So go ahead and prove us wrong. But once you fail (now that's a guarantee) put the franchise and us fans out of our misery and sell to an competent ownership.
Originally posted by Sjceruti:

Says we'll win the west.
The sky is falling.

Further evidence we need to get rid of the Yorks and get Larry Ellison. Not only are the Yorks stupid they are now delusional...
This is what I was talking about...

Wow! The laughingstock of the NFL.

i love how much s**t this team talks when we havent won a game yet. Jed needs to shut up, singletary needs to shut up, the players need to keep their mouths shut and just play. theyve been giving teams bulletin board material all year long and theyre not producing. just shut up, chill out and get this s**t fixed. were not far off. bench chilo and open up our offense and its all good. defense, im not sure what it is but at the end of the game they cant finish. until they fix these things they need to shut up.
0 - 5.

0 - 5.

Big hole and what is the number one rule of holes?
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Originally posted by ninertico:
This is what I was talking about...

Wow! The laughingstock of the NFL.

haters gonna....
Originally posted by boast:

f**k all the haters. we will win the division! despite 0-5, we're only 3 games out!

Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
wow, I always suspected that maybe the owners didn't watch the games. Now I know for sure they don't watch the games.

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