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Jed York texts ESPN...

Jed has absolutely lost it--this attitude and overreaction is how singletary was hired in the first place. He is a chip off the "old block," completely incapable of leading an NFL franchise.
What a joke. Win a f**king game first, tired of this "we'll make the playoffs; our season doesn't end in December."

This kinda talk reminds me of when Nolan was hired and immediately predicted we'd "Win the West". I think there was some kind of banner put up, too. Jed is acting the same way. Our new OC has improved the play-calling, but the poor execution and turnovers is on Smith, Gore and others. And until they improve or just tone down the mistakes, we won't be winning anything and will end up with a top 5 draft pick.
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He has to say that. That's his job. What's he going to say, maybe something like Jim Mora Sr, which later got him fired? "Playoffs? Playoffs?! Are you serious?! I'm just hoping we can win a game!!"

No one twisted his arm to send this ridiculous text. What's even more disturbing is he's texting BSPN.
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Jed: Here's a question for you ...

If the 49ers don't win the division, will you admit your failure and sell the team?

please sell the team, if we go less than 7-9..thank you, you in-bred idiot, Jed York!
Cant throw mediocre talent on an NFL field and expect to win the division
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Whatever he says makes no difference at the end of the day, but it is an easy public way to show support for your team and let's your players know you believe in them. I think it is the first time he has shown some public interest in this team.

Yeah, Jed finally goes public by saying something stupid.

Do you expect him to say "we are going nowhere"? He needs to keep putting butts in the seats and not have his players quit, although it may be too late.

He was better off saying nothing than sending that text.

No way!

This text is a message to the team, not to the media. Believe me, he's sending an indirect message to Singletary and the players and the assistants.

That may be, but to everyone else it just looks like he really is as immature and out of touch as they always thought. The guy is under 30 and was given the team by his parents. He, more than just about any other owner in sports, has to prove that he actually has some idea what he's doing. Sending out delusional text messages is counter productive, even if they are veiled threats.

How is it counterproductive? The team is 0-5. I think age has absolute nothing to do, you don't have to be an old fart to be successful. His mistake is not surrounding himself with knowledgable football minds. Talking to uncle Eddie (if true), just doesnt cut it.
Not only is talk cheap, it is totally worthless coming from the ownership of this team.

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Another reason not to support a new stadium until the 49ers a winning again.
I think Schefter should report the entire text message which probably was more like...

"We will still win the West, someday."


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The 49ers will be the first team to win the division by never actually winning a game.
STFU and let your play do the talking. This whole franchise is completely lost top to bottom.
More by Mike Sando

"We're going to win the division," York told ESPN's Adam Schefter one day after the 49ers fell to 0-5.

"Good for York, but why stop there? Let's go ahead and anoint Alex Smith as Super Bowl MVP and Mike Singletary as coach of the year. Let's rank Jimmy Raye ahead of Jon Gruden as the hottest head-coaching candidate for 2011. Oh, and don't forget about York himself. He's the clear favorite for NFL executive of the year".

"Back to reality".

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Up until this point I actually held out hope that Jed would be a breath of fresh air- different from his parents. Now I'm finding out that he's cut from the same cloth.

Eddie D was just a truly unique guy. He ONLY cared about winning and nothing else. That mentality is LONG gone. Unless they are somehow forced to sell, expect Chris Cohan like results for the next decade or so. Sad.

My question is how are they going to sell seat licenses for the new stadium? I mean, they are having a terrible season, and there is absolutely no indication that things will change.
Jed's just laying down cover fire to cover Singletary's retreat.
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