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Good God we got Dumbass coaches

I agree with what Nate tried to do. He scores, and we are up by 8 with a 1:21 left on the clock. They would have needed a TD and 2 point conversion just to tie. Not easy after we had just had a pick 6. Plus you try to score every opportunity you get!! You DON'T leave points on the field!! I'm not yet confident with the O line to run out the clock.

If we are up by 2 TD's and deep in their territory, then its ok to kneel or get down. Not scoring will always come back to haunt you in close games!! Especially on the road....

And one other thing, not sure why Patrick didn't get the fumble? He just stood there looking at it, then barely made an attempt to grab it??? Maybe I need to watch it again but it didn't seem like he even tried???
Its no coincedance that this has happened to the niners by the same team twice in 2 years. The Falcons are better coached than the niners, BOTTOM LINE. These kinds of things will continue to happen to the niners because they dont seem to know how to play smart football and it doesnt look like they are going to try anytime soon.
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