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Reasons We Will WIN This Week

1. Michael Vick Out
2. Asante Samuel Out
3. Lesean McCoy Out
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If you want to look at it positively:

1. We're some serious bad luck and 5 pts away from a 2-2 record with 3 of the first 4 on the road.

2. We've played competitive ball and nearly beat two of the NFC's best teams.

3. We play better at home, although the effort in ATL was admirable.

4. Johnson hopefully studies the tape and adds some new wrinkles to the offense.

5. Eagles have major injury issues.
Once we sucked it up in Seattle, I have not had any hope for this team... Until now!

We WILL win this game for the many reasons you guys have already stated.
Originally posted by jdt84_2:
Originally posted by gage:
Originally posted by rawdel:
The Eagles plane crashes en route to SF like Marshall...

Not even a little cool, bro.

am i the only one that isn't bothered by this comment?

seriously this is the internet home of baby in blenders jokes.

he is saying the niners would need a forfeit in order to win.

I thought it was funny, reminded me of that Seinfeld episode: "You know Keith, what I've always wondered, with all these ball clubs flying around all season don't you think there would be a plane crash? ... But if you think about it...26 teams, 162 games a season, you'd think eventually an entire team would get wiped out.
Uh, it's only a matter of time."
I'm not sure what is wrong with this team. They continue to shoot themselves in the foot over and over again. They seem to be incapable of playing a game without spotting the opposing team at least 7 points. And when did Alex turn into CAPTAIN CHECKDOWN? I remember him throwing the ball farther down the field more often last season, what the hell happened between then and now?

From Sing on down, almost everybody on the team has had a hand in this garbage.
This team finds a different way to lose every week. They're either unprepared, out coached, over whelmed, or they just have plain old bad luck.

I agree that this is the week. If the Niners can't pull out a win against a wounded Philly team, at home, on national's all over. Sing might as well start looking for a team that needs a LB coach.
Originally posted by RedRazor:
1. Michael Vick Out
2. Asante Samuel Out
3. Lesean McCoy Out

That has the makings of the Eagles blowing out the 49ers.

Backups coming in that will end up smoking us.
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