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Some thoughts on Crabtree

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you put crabtree on a team with a real qb, he'll tear s**t up.

this ^^^


as long as it is screens outs or hitches. slant, post, or in routes are a no go.
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you put crabtree on a team with a real qb, he'll tear s**t up.

Exactly... imagine him on the Colts, Packers or Pats. This guy is loaded with talent, and you have to be blind not to see that. His hands are ridiculous. Alex is extremely inaccurate with the deep ball so we don't know if Crabtree could be a deep threat. But, it's obvious that he catches everything near him... all hands.
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I actually watched crabtree when he was at Texas Tech. He is overrated. He doesn't run clean routes and he can't get separation. He's more a product of that offense than he is a great receiver. Wes Welker runs far better routes but doesn't have crabtree's physical tools. Crabtree does have a very quick first step when he makes the break in his route. That usually got him some separation in college but it isn't working so well in the nfl. At best he'll be a good 2nd receiver.

I know everything is smith's fault here but we really don't have that good of a receiving corps.....

Wow, OK...

There's a lot of misinformation being spread around here. Go watch some highlight videos of crabtree in college, or even in the pros. If you had in fact watched him like you claim, then I would bet you would have a different opinion of him. He is indeed physically talented. No one is saying he has elite speed, but he is VERY quick, has great acceleration off the line and out of his cuts, and has amazing hands. Those are the essential physical tools you need to be a great WR in this league, and he has them. Remember this is just his first full year with us and he has Alex Smith right now as his QB.

Highlights? The point I was trying to make is that I actually watched him in games. Almost all of them. He had one freakish year stat-wise . The second year defenses covered him better because they knew about his quick double moves. He still had alot of TDs but his YAC dropped significantly. Go watch his college highlights and you'll see him making catches in space with at least a 5yd cushion from the covering db. He does have the tools to be a good WR in this league. But that will only happen if we have a true #1 receiver to take the focus off of him.

Crabtree had a sprained right ankle and a broken left foot in 2008, and he was still top 5 in every possible positive stat for a WR
of course in 2007 he blew everyone away, best overall freshman season in the last 10 years
..and I watched every home game and a handful of away games

second most dominant player I've ever seen live behind Vince Young
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Crabtree is legit

you dont set the records he did without having some sort of talent

he doesnt have a qb that cant throw the ball deep and cant throw the ball with any accuracy....(well, maybe troy smith or davis)
How can anyone say we have a s**tty receiving core? Throw a good qb who can hit people in stride and a deep ball our wr's would put up amazing #'s.

-Crabs- legit, great hands, makes people miss, improving his run blocking.
-Morgans- improving, tough WR, Great Run blocking, good hands, suprising what he can do with the ball.
-Ginn- speed, deep threat, hands....... not so much.
-Dominique Zeigler- Improving WR, tons of potential, great hands
-Vernon Davis- Everyone knows his all pro potential.
-Delanie Walker- Any other team he would push for #1 TE, Speed, Hands.
-Nate Byham- Rookie, good run blocking, not supposed to have hands but has been catching well.

2 all pro running backs great at catching the ball

Look at what happened when Antonio Bryant went to TB. Look at what B. Lloyd is doing right now in Chicago. We need to stop blaming WR's and look at our real problem, QB. s**tty QB's make good WR's look s**tty, A great qb makes average WR's look great. We have the wheels but no driver.
Regardless of QB I don't think Crabtree will ever be a top 10 receiver in the NFL. Not fast enough, not strong enough (you have to be one OR the other, or can't be neither) and not a hard enough worker.
if crabtree had a real qb he could be the second best wr in 49ers history behind jerry rice
If we are going to look for players most accountable for the team's sucky offense, we should start with the players that touch the ball on every play, and work our way down before getting on the guys that only get a few opportunites each game too make a play.
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