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PYMWYMI: Do Niners make the Playoffs?

Sunday afternoon I thought there wasn't a chance in hell we would win another game.

Today not so sure.

So count me onboard.
i have no other choice but to believe! playoff bound and beyond!
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:

We need to get this guy some pads ASAP.
put my name down i'm in. cmon ninners!

F*ck it!

I'm on it!

Originally posted by 49erFaithful:
F*ck it!

I'm on it!

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Originally posted by ace130:

Then leave get out of here lol.
I'm in. Let's turn it around this Sunday!
im on it, its a long season
I'm in! I don't care if we win the division at 7-9, as long as the 9ers are in the playoffs, and it's mathematically possible still...
PUT ME ON THAT s**t! Y NOT? i still have hope.. haters gonna hate
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