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Post Game Analysis (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

I don't know why but I laughed when I read this...

Per MM
Alex Smith on emotions after Josh Morgan's TD, injured knee: "It was in response to getting smashed 31-10."
how in the hell are we gonna score against the falcons next week?
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
I don't know why but I laughed when I read this...

Per MM
Alex Smith on emotions after Josh Morgan's TD, injured knee: "It was in response to getting smashed 31-10."

What were his emotions afterward?

Jimmy Raye:

I am a proponent of the run, but opening every game with the same 3 plays is a recipe for disaster. Failing to use flood patterns to expose rookie corners clinging to 1 high cover 3 and flex cover 2 defenses is inexcusable.

Greg Manusky:

Failure to properly apply pressure on a god awful QB, inexcusable. failure to shift to tight cover 3 out of the 3-4 to combat the screen, inexcusable.

Aubrayo Franklin:

Failure to properly frame the holds by Weigmann, inexcusable.

Michael Lewis:

Failure across the board. He was no match for Moeaki.

Michael Crabtree:

Failure to catch in traffic. Unwilling or unable to fight for the ball.

Anthony Davis:

Failure across the board, loss of composure.

Ladies and gentlemen, we got outplayed and out-gamed today. We were beaten off of the ball, and the Chiefs cheated efficiently. From stealthy defender picks (the most notable of which came when NaVorrow Bowman was tackled by Dwayne Bowe in coverage) to Weigmann's perpetual grabbiness to Shaun Smith's game long eye gouging, headslapping, and mask grabbing (re-watch the game, and isolate Anthony Davis early) we were out-gamed.

Kudos to Haley for coaching his men to get away with what they could. For the record, I can't wait for them to fall apart...or to eat the same garbage they fed us today...but that is for another post. They are dirty as f*ck, and its gonna bite them in the @ss eventually.

The 49ers' problems are mental. This team cannot get out of its own way, and simply cannot execute when it matters. This was a team failure. Until someone on this team that decides to take his teammates by the face mask and make them accountable for their f*ckups, we will continue to fail when it matter how much talent we have on the roster.
We were absolutely out-coached. Singletary is making a joke out of himself and it's sad to see. I was excited about his potential when he was hired but now I agree that he has to go. Get Gruden in here and fix this sinking ship. Honestly, we can't play much worse than we did today.
Originally posted by TheRatMan13:
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
I don't know why but I laughed when I read this...

Per MM
Alex Smith on emotions after Josh Morgan's TD, injured knee: "It was in response to getting smashed 31-10."

What were his emotions afterward?

He was pretty pissed off.
Originally posted by kray28:
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Originally posted by kray28:
Disagree with Bruce about Smith though.

Alex Smith is not the problem.

Yes; he is A problem; amongst a few others. He is not a playmaker and is too inaccurate to compensate for his inability to conistenly make plays. The problem is that this teamdid not have the courage to acquire better talent at the QB postion when it had a chance to or did not properly prepare the talent it has. Don't worry though; this team will not bench Alex. If he throws 2 TD's and 2 ints in the next game and they lose again, the coaching staff and some fans will maintain that "he is not the problem" and once again use another excuse. Sorry, I can't feel bad for this team whenit had the opportunity to improve; yet refuses to.

Which QB do we have on the roster that can any of these things you say that Alex can't?

Playcalling is the problem.

That's BS. Alex can call his ownplays.. Now what?
Late in teh 4th Smith after another three and out ( two hits one pressure/sack) asked QB coach Mike Johnson Whats up with the run plays? Answer:Just hang in there...

This tells a lot, the players do not understand the playcalling. You're down 31-3 and still you run up the middle, you get pressured by a THREE MAN RUSH?? C'Mon man!!!

Raye has to go! This is as bad or even worse than the Hostler experiment.

Manusky has to learn how to defend a screen. Last year and this year so far we are beeing screend to death!

Sing: Don't tell me show me! Show us that you can outcoach an oppenent regulary and not beeing outcoached.

ST: Return game? Hello anyone??

Ownership: Get into sings face, either he shows that he can turn this situation arround or he has to go!

A.Smith: How about not UNDERthrowing your receivers or over throwing them?

The broken up pass in the endzone to Morgan should have been a TD if he hadn't underthrown the ball thus giving the CB a chance, actually is was under thrown and behind Morgan, lucky that it wasn't intercepted.

Crabtree: Catch the damn ball. If youre afraid to get hit in traffic go play chess.
This team is going no where. Today's game proved it. What a bunch of frauds! Thanks for another seriously disappointing performance.
This offense NEEEDS to take shots down the field!!! The chiefs completely stuffed the line because they put extra guys in there. If the O takes shots down the field they HAVE TO respect the deep ball. The one time we did throw the deep ball it wasnt successful but the very next play the corners played soft and Crabs went for a 12 yard gain for a first down. The offensive line in other news totaly blew it for us. Rachal is the bad seed i think. If we put Snyder back in i think we will be better off. Im not quitting on this team yet cuz we still have 13 games to play. Hopefully changes will be made. The change I would like to see is Rachal for Snyder. Jimmy Raye is not so much the problem. If he takes more deep shots we should improve

Why would we do that when we can slam it in the pile against a 9 man box on 3rd and 10?...
this is the biggest problem on offense, so easy to defend us when we never attack deep, everything is short
Pass proection was bad in this game. Its also not a run up the middle, which is JR's go play.
Originally posted by SJniner7:
You guys bashing A.Davis are completely out of line. The guy has played average so far, but gave up when the whole team gave up. He let emotions get the better of him, but to call him a bust already? That is just ridiculous...

Fortunately, Cowher says he wants to coach in "the right situation." Let's hope the Niners in 2011 will be the right situation. I am not quite calling for Sing's head yet, but he has to be held accountable at some point. He has to start holding everyone accountable, including himself... "Don't tell me, show me" is going to bury his career as a HC...
Cowher? I don't know about him, for the niners at least.

Don't we want to restore our legacy?
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Something gotta happen....i can't this too much longer...

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