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Lets take a vote. San Francisco Vs. Kansas City. W or L?

Lets take a vote. San Francisco Vs. Kansas City. W or L?

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f**k the Quiefs.

change your username at least for this week

Oh the irony.

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This is a really hard game to predict because we don't know which Niner team will show up...the one in Seattle or the one at Candlestick this past week.

KC is notoriously loud and historically, one of the most difficult places to play in the league.

For the Niners to win, a few things must go their way...

1) They must NOT turn the ball over. If they lose the turnover battle, they lose the game.

2) They must force at least one turnover that changes momentum in their favor or takes the crowd out.

3) They must get solid play from their OL...that is, give Alex time to throw and open some holes for Gore.

4) They must have Raye call as good a game as he did last week, and not play it conservatively like he did in Seattle.

5) They must stop KC from running and put major pressure on Cassel, who can be rattled. If Cassel has time to throw, he will hurt the Niners.

6) They must keep their emotions in check. If they lose their cool, they will lose the game.

I won't make a prediction but I will say for the Niners to win this game, they are going to have to bring it in a big major mistakes, no emotional meltdowns, no BS. They should look at the Chiefs as a nameless, faceless opponent and just go out and play their game....just like the Niner teams of old.

My sense is that the Niner defense will keep them in this one. Now, if the offense can score some points....
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Kansas City 44

San Francisco 3

History shows that pretty much all the Nolan/Singletary teams completely lose their minds after a "moral victory" like this one. Kansas City is going to play the 49ers like it's the f**king Super Bowl and not a single one of our guys will ever realize what hit them.

that is EXACTLY what I'm afraid of......
Last season, NFL teams winning the turnover battle were 164-47 (.777) in those games.

Winning percentage by turnover ratio:

+1 — 67 percent

+2 — 78 percent

+3 — 93 percent

+4 or more — 100 percent. — Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
We are gonna BLOW k c out niners 41 kc 10
This game is ours!!!!!!! We are going to kick their *ss!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know who will win, but I can tell you their special teams, will dominate ours.
This morning on KC sports radio 810:

Michael Lombardi predicts a Niners win. 17-10.
This is a must win for the Niners. Winning at KC will carry over and help build the confidence they need to beat Atlanta. Losing will bring the opposite effect. The Niners need to win the next three games at least......

I believe they'll get it done..... Go Niners........
what was the last road game everyone predicted we should win?

Dont get your hopes up folks

87% silver lining homers

The Chiefs will win the AFC West
Originally posted by oreck16:
87% silver lining homers

The Chiefs will win the AFC West

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San Diego were without Vincent Jackson and lost to KC.
49ers have all of their weapons and will win...28-7
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Originally posted by oreck16:
87% silver lining homers

The Chiefs will win the AFC West

yeah, they didn't beat the Chargers or anything

MAN AS MUCH AS THIS HURTS ME TO SAY, until we actually win one, ima go with loss! We have to be the most unfortunate(unlucky) team in the nfl, and i feel like its been that way goin on 4 years now. We always seem to get that deflection that leads to the pick, or dumbass f**kups, by players that dont even normally have an effect on the game(adams and walker mon.), in the BIGGEST stages (roman last year in minnesota)...In Kansas City, the trend should go as usual....defense comes up big, shuts the offense down(13-17 points) and this offense struggles because of 3 and outs, turnovers, dumbass play calling in key one of the most loyal 9er fans, but this s**t is killin me...and we are never on the good side, now we got 2 strait in kansas city, atlanta, then home vs. vick and philly..we have the talent, we have the right people in the right places but fortune and the obvious fact that are team doesnt seem to make it over the hump.....with all that said, IMA B HOOTING AND HOLLERIN SUNDAY, I DO BELIEVE THAT EVEN THO WE LOST TO THE SAINTS MONDAY, I THINK THAT IT IS A TURNING POINT IN THIS TEAM AND ORGANIZATION, (ive been here before tho)....either way we can take this division and the league by storm, right here and now this season even at 0 and 2....LETS GO NINERS
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