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Agony of being a young 49er fan

Originally posted by eric90clark:
The world is so formulaic these days, you wonder if there will ever be another mind like that in the game of football.

Agreed.Who knows maybe maybe Peyton Manning will decide to become a head coach one day?! or an offensive coordinator at the very least... but i think he's fully capable of being a head coach in the NFL with all that knowledge he knows..

Peyton Manning's already an offensive coordinator in shoulder pads.

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Originally posted by eric90clark:
So it dawned on me today.. the last time the 49ers went to the playoffs I was 12 years old. I mean sure the 49ers 8 year playoff drought applies to everybody and not just me, obviously. But i never had the honor of seeing (and understanding) the glory days, so the winning, feel good story of the 49ers all seems so foreign to me. Im just being honest. Im referring to Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Deon Saunders, those days. I just didnt experience it. The closest thing to those days that i have fresh in my mind are those Garcia, Owens, and Hearst. But i know for a fact that that pales in comparison.

Im so anxious for a winning season, as well as the playoffs. I guess i'll just have to do what i always do. which is wait lol

Wow, its amazing how much I can relate to this. Im 22 now and the year the Niners went to the playoffs I went to the game. That was my first year of being a "real" fan and that game was amazing. BUT its just not enough to keep me going much longer I think. Every year it feels like im waiting on something and every year my heart gets stepped on! Thats not being a fan thats sado-masochism...If we lose tommorow against the Who dat crew then Im tuning out until the niners prove this young fan they deserve me as one!
I feel sorry for you guys. The glory years were awesome. Winning 10 games a year was expected, not wished for.
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I was 12 when I started watching the niners DIE HARD. That was almost 29 years ago. I feel very lucky in that regard. I got to see the golden years of this team.
Originally posted by BobS:
I would rather be a young fan than one for over 35 years, then I would think 8-8 was something to be excited about and not so pissed off as I have been lately.


I'm not too old so I don't remember the peak of the glory days with Montana. I was only 11 when we won in '94, but I remember it like it was yesterday. I also remember how season after season I was able to reasonably expect us to win regardless of who we were playing and we usually did. There was non of this "lets play the them close to get some momentum" b.s. like I hear with the Saints tomorrow. I can't f'ing stand the thought of being happy about being average, and getting moral victories and MAYBE sneaking into the wild card to get trounced.
Seriously, 21 here, and my first niner memory is Steve getting concussed and the following garcia days.

I will say, that TO catch was euphoria, and is probably the biggst reason why im such a passionate fan today
I am 33 but started watching when I was 10, Jerry was in his third year and broke the TD receiving record for a season. Trust me, the first decade was wonderful. That is part of what pisses me off about Jimmy, we had Walsh, Holmgren and Shanahan calling the plays for the first few years I was a fan so I am used to a certain creativity in the play calling.
But you guys would have loved it. There was nothing like a Ronnie Lott smash hit or a post pattern to Jerry for a TD.
You won't see the playoffs again in your lifetime with the Yorks as owners. Enjoy the memories.
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
You won't see the playoffs again in your lifetime with the Yorks as owners. Enjoy the memories.

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I like this type of thread. Niner Talk FTW.

I was 7 when the Niners beat Miami. So I basically came in during the PRIME time. All through the 80's and early/mid 90's I couldn't believe that we were as good as we were for so LONG. I took it for granted.. I knew it too.. people would tell me.. It was crazy how good we were.

I am so happy that I watched and lived through most of the Niners glory days. Seeing our team play like this these past few years has been gut wrenching, but at least we have those memorable years of greatness that can never be taken away from us. It could be worse, we could be Tards fans, and simply thinking about a situation like that has already made me feel ten times better about my team and myself.
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
im 18 so i missed the era of teh niners too

Originally posted by eric90clark:
Originally posted by Schulzy:
21 here. I vaguely remember the late 90s Niners - I mean, the TO catch against GB is what helped cement me as a Niners fan - and remember the '01 and '02 teams well.

But these last few years have been brutal. I'm starving for a winning team.

Niice yeah i remember that too. i also remember the comeback game vs the Giants in 02. I will never forget that day. however the game after that was a different story lol..

this. I was 11 at the time, that s**t was off the hook! so intense.
The Agony of being a niners fan is suffering the 'niner fans' in niner talk. I've never seen so much pessimism concentrated into such a refined and pure material.

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I wish i would have seen Montana play.

I got to see a little of Steve, Garcia....then Rattay, Dorsey, Cowboy Cody Pickett, ect.

i'm 20 and i wish i had something to brag about the 49ers in high school. the 5 superbowl s**t gets old fast.
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