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Coach Singletary Thread (General Topics)

i also doubt he watches any other football games besides the Niners. He obviously doesn't know how the league has changed and its now a passing league.
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Originally posted by 49ersswagger:
I like singletary he was a great hof player he just doesnt know nothing about a good offense and couldnt find a good offensive coordinator to make up for his short comings the hiring of jimmy raye was his biggest mistake he should have keep mike martz look at how well chicago offense is playing i doubt mike singletary didnt put in the hours he just could fix his problems no matter how much film he watched

'cept he decided the first thing he would do as head coach is fire a brilliant offensive coordinator that played a huge roll in him getting the job in the first place and who now has the Bears sitting atop the NFC north.

Singletary's stubborn/arrogant approach to his job has only served to emphasize his shortcomings and neutralize his strengths. He has made shooting yourself in the foot an art, one which the team emulates to perfection.
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In watching some pretty good teams over the past few weeks, i notice one thing the head coaches do that i never see with Singletary...

That's talking into the headset and/or holding a play card over their mouths as they talk. In fact, the microphone is almost always over his head. Everyone seems to do it or there is at least "some sort of communication going on." Not from this guy. Just a lot of yelling at the ref's and standing there with his arms crossed like a basketball coach.

One of the many things that infuriates me about this guys now... another sign of his cluelessness.
He still sucks.
MAJOR f**k up on Jed's part. His one and only pass.
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