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I was kind've disappointed somewhat with Crabs (last night) on that 30 yard reception. Mike made enough moves to break an 80yd TD but was stiff coming out of the bump-and-run (and it led to an easy tackle), that's something only TC/preseason can fully sharpen.

i'm not sure its fair to be disappointed in anything about that play. He made a good catch and a great move to gain some extra yards, but he had two defenders to split through to really come clear. He's not the fastest WR, sure, but he's got other attributes that makes up for it, IMO.

Also, on that second tipped pass, he was pretty wide open, and the pass was on target--I think he could have turned that into a HUGE gain, if not a TD, a la his TD play against AZ last year.

I think some people don't remember why the Niners had so much RAC back in the day... receivers were getting the ball delivered in stride so they could maneuver. Reaching back, forward, or up gives defenders extra time, and the receiver has to recover. Crabs showed us something on that 30 yard play. People who criticize Crabs for that play have probably never played ball at a high level or are just not very bright.