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What would make you happy Monday night, what do you want to see from the 49ers?

just imagine another embarrassment would lead to a tale spin,.

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A win.
I'd like the team to get some respect. Blow them off the line of scrimmage and knock Brees all the way to San Diego. In short to play Big Time football.
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a win.
A win, even if it is an ugly one.
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play with heart, play with organization, play smart, win.
A win would be ideal, but is not really realistic. I expect the offense to play well, and not look like a high school team. NO FB DIVES OR PLAYS WITH NORRIS, expecially near the goal line. Raye needs to do some statistics, and would realize that the FB dive play NEVER WORKS.

Smith HAS TO play better. Sing needs to quit blowing smoke up his ass. No more coaching miscues. If we lose to a shootout, meaning Smith does well, I might be okay. If we get blown out, it may be time to get the Crappy Caravan working, and leave Smith in Hunter's Point...
A win would be amazing... but I'm not banking on it.

I'd like to see them keep it close, move the ball... run the ball, and have Alex Smith look like a real QB. If the final was something like 24-21 (Saints) with Gore rushing for 85+ and Alex passing for 280+ yards... I'd be happy.
play like they actually want to win..the saints are a great team, possibly the best in the world, if we play hard for 60 mins and stay focused, we could be there at the end of the game
Yea I want to see a win. I'm not down with the moral victory crowd. I remember them clowns after the Minnesota game talking how this close lost was really a moral victory that would propel this team forward.

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a win.
1. a Win.
2. Some offensive consistency
3. Swarming "D" that makes turnovers
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Aggressive football, if that means mainly spread offense, then so be it.

Get Westbrook and Dixon out there. No f**king need for Gore to play every f**king snap (this was the 2nd most annoying issue of last week IMO).

Do NOT allow Moran Norris to get any touches by the goal line. Two 4th and 1 failures by one player? How is this acceptable?

Alex needs to play like he did in the first half all game, or else we need to look elsewhere. Tired of giving him chances.

Defense needs to step the f**k up, if they wanna be an "elite defense," as Willis has said he feels they are, they need to not allow the offenses failures to affect them. They need to shut s**t down (might not be possible this week, but at least be bend, not break).

Finally, most important: Do not give up. If we give up again in another game this season, I hope we take a good long look at firing Singletary.

All valid points....we'll see monday PM
I want to see our defense come to play! It didn't look like we brought alot of pressure against the Seahawks, I rarely saw them send more than 4 rushers. Secondary needs to step it up and not jump on double moves and stick with their assignments.

On offense I want more creativity and use the personell you have. Westbrook and Dixon were not even used at all last week! Get the plays in on time!!!!!!! I also would like to see some consistency out of our WR corp. Get open and tun the right routes!!!!

The Saints are gonna put alot of pressure on our secondary and special teams. On defense their secondary is pretty good especially Greer. Vernon is gonna have to have a better game. you just got paid bro, earn that money!!!!
The secondary needs to stick to the game plan, don't try being the hero of the game. Kudos to Nate on the INT but that didn't negate the mistakes he made. They can't afford to take gambles on the Saints receivers. Brees excels in making secondaries look bad.

Throw Westbrook and Dixon into the mix. I mean why da heck do we have them then. Why did we sign Westbrook for? We're suppose to have one of the best RB tandems in the league....well then freakin show it. Everyone game plans for Gore, what a better night to introduce Westbrook than against the Saints. All Ego's aside, they need to go with the back thats making plays regardless if its Gore, Westie, or Dixon. All 3 are capable of big nights.

Crabtree.....catch the dayam ball!!! Run the right routes!!!

Vernon....keep doing what your doing

OLine....cmon guys. They are suppose to be one of the top lines in the league with Davis and Iaputi. That didn't show it in Seattle. I hope you guys can correct your mistakes because the Saints are 3x better than the Seahawks. Their defense is no joke.

The play calling issue.....I never understood why an OC has to be up in the booth anyway. Raye needs to be on the sideline. You just don't get the communication unless your on the field. Key example in some games when you see the OC huddled up with his offense on the sideline probably making adjustments. You don't get that if the OC is up in the booth. Raye...get on the field!

Candlestick Home Crowd....they are going to need you more than ever Monday Night! Bring it! We need to show the Saints that Candlestick isn't an easy place to play in.

This is possibly the most important game of the season, probably the hardest game of the season. I think if we can overcome this game and win......the tone is set for our season.

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