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What would make you happy Monday night, what do you want to see from the 49ers?

The lifeless body of drew brees on the 49er symbol on the fifty yard line
sing fired, raye fired, smith traded, gruden hired.

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Originally posted by HessianDud:
play with heart, play with organization, play smart, win.

Exactly this...nothing less is acceptable..I don't understand how we can say "Well I don't expect us to win cause its the Saints" Man this is 49ERS WEBZONE...We own this!! if your scared this ain't the place..Yeah there is a gang of issues everywhere and who knows really how good this team is or how bad its is...But no matter whose on the field , whose coaching or what drama is being played out..I'll never go into a game with someone else holding my marbles...Any given Sunday!!!! Niners bringing the rain to the Saints thats all I know!!!
getting plays in on time...then we'll move on from there.

gotta learn to crawl before you walk.
What would make you happy Monday night?
Getting freaky with my lady!

what do you want to see from the 49ers?
A dam win!
They will lose and probably by a lot.
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a win.
Originally posted by valrod33:
I want Patrick Willis to break the legs of Drew Brees

i would never wish injury to another player thats just some hater s**t
I just want to see us compete, a win would just be the icing on the cake. I expect to win, also. It's our home opener I don't give a f**k who we're playing.

That being said... I want to see a couple things:

1. OUTSIDE runs for God's sake.
2. Mixing in some shotgun passing early in the game to loosen the defense -- preferably with a shot or two on a 2nd and short situation.
3. More Patrick Willis blitzing.
4. Our O-Line to look like an NFL line, not a high school line. Do they have to be perfect? No. But be good enough to give Alex time.
5. Pocket composure and noticeable confidence from Alex Smith.
6. TRYING the entire game. Crabtree....
7. No biting in the secondary
8. We absolutely have to hit Brees.

IF we can get even 75% of these done, I am supremely confident that we have a great chance to win. Yes, last week sucked. Yes, we have major problems. We still have talent, we still have 15 weeks. We are in this till the end and I think we pull off an upset. I hope!
I think the biggest problem was the lack of fire and heart in the team. Watching Ray Lewis on Monday night basically winning the game on his own made me depressed. Do we have any players on our team that can take over a game like that? Where is the fire? The heart? The emotion? I just want to see some fire. If we are going to lose, at least show some fire.

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Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
a win.
i want to see them lose? wtf do you think?
Reggie Smith starting at Strong Safety instead of pass play liability Michael Lewis. It won't matter if the O-line plays stout and Alex Smith has a good game, Sean Payton and Drew Brees are guaranteed to rack up points against us if Lewis is in coverage.
a joint, snacks and a 49ers win.
a win. because we've just embarrassed ourselves so bad we can't do that on national tv. this is a statement game. must beat the defending champs on national tv. A MUST WIN!!
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