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seattle game who is at fault

Originally posted by MILFS:
everyone. the team just doesnt have fire.


The man speaks Bibles of truth!
#1 Coaches, primarily Sing and Raye. Predictable play calling. Inability to get plays in efficiently. Why are the niners always having problems getting calls in? Team doesn't look prepared, especially the O. Wasting time outs as usual. Why do most of the players on O need to be explicitly told where to line up by Smith? It's not just the QB's responsibility to know the play.

#2 Smith. Better decisions and better passes keep us in this game if not put it away in the 1st.

#3 Oline. No push in run game. Rookies are playing way too vertical and losing the leverage battle every time.

#4 Secondary, chiefly Brown and Clements. Put in good positions to succeed, but bit on fakes. The one by Brown is especially bad b/c Clements had the hitch covered even if Brown doesn't jump it.

#5 Pass Rush. Hit Hasslebeck and he will make mistakes. Laboy and Willis can't be the only LBs that know how to rush the passer.
Folks, it is time to stop pretending that anything is any different than last year, or years prior. We still don't have a franchise qb and unfortunately that is what it takes to win in this league. Aaron Rodgers could have been that person, but we had morons running the front office. We will be 8-8, 7-8 and very possibly miss the playoffs (and that is unbelievable considering the other s***t in our division) Seattle, or Arizona may actually end up winning this joke of conference because of better coaching and qb play. Sing is a terrible gameday coach. Period.
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  • Posts: 34,774 is who is at fault. Overestimating this team, underestimating the USC-Hawks and smelling a blowout.
The Dink and Dunk offense as Jimmy Johnson commented. No explosive plays. They try to control the game by running when they should be gunslinging from the get go. I'm glad they got wupped, now they realize that the smashmouth philosophy of Sing does not work, because every team just stacks up the box and thats the end of SF offense. Back to West Coast !! Therefore Bye Sing, Bye Alex, Bye Jimmy
Originally posted by communist:
Originally posted by Mike49:
The coaches.

Raye MUST go. I also think the hourglass has almost run out on Singletary.

Alex Smith is over. Time for David Carr.
no, a troll like you have to go.

Yes Alex smith is the one and only reason that seattle scored 31 points.
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No pass rush
No push by the o-line
Missed tackles
Same Condom Offense

Just about everybody. However, when there is failure across the board you got to ask your self how prepared the team was....I'd vote for Sing.

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Refs! One bad called changed this game!
Where the hell was Westbrook? And if WB is isn't ready for the Playbook then why didn't they mix in Dixon?

Obviously getting burned on two jumped routes(should have only been one thanks to the Zebras) hurt, but we got away from the Run game and THAT is what killed us.


EVERYBODY. Nobody did anything positive today. This is a very, very poor football team.
Originally posted by Montanaisgodlike:
Refs! One bad called changed this game!

You mean the "pass interfence"????????? on Clements? I think that was horse$hit.
We have Tony Robbins for a head coach.They made no adjustments on offense or defense. 3 times going or it on 4th down are you kidding me. I have been a 9er fan since 1980 and i have never been ashamed of a 9er team until today. I dont know what to say about todays game except that we got out coached and out classed. Good luck from here out. This team did not show any heart at all they bought the hype and failed to live up. This game should have not been close but it was then coaching and effort kicked in and we lost.
huge smith supporter here...after his 9 for 10 and 13 of 16 start...he has looked like a pile of s**t. I may be ready to pull the plug. f**king sickening.
Originally posted by KRS-1: is who is at fault. Overestimating this team, underestimating the USC-Hawks and smelling a blowout.

clearly too much koolaid has been drank by all of us...

i'm most dissapointed in singletary. I haven't been the biggest mike fan but i thought the one thing he could bring is the discipline. He clearly has not, same mistakes he made in his first year, same mistakes the team made last year, same mistakes today. they do not look prepared for the game, nor do they ever look prepared for the games that mean anything. End of the season and last few games don't mean anything or have any pressure in it because division is decided? sure, they'll look good in that. Have something meaningful, something with pressure to it, Singletary comes off as a dud. They choke under pressure under him, they make bad descisions under pressure under him.

They had expectations going into today, they were supposed to amount to something, they choked on it all...
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