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The Best All-Time 49er Defensive Player?

The Best All-Time 49er Defensive Player?

If I forgot someone you think is the best please vote other and let me know. I left out Deion Sanders because he was only with us for one year and I never considered him a 49er.

Reason for this thread? I am bored..
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I think it's a toss up between Lott, Willis, and Haley. I voted for Lott.
Alex Smith
Lott for now

Willis will be the best after he retires
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Alex Smith


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is Lott all the way, I wish he was part of our coaching staff somehow. Willis could someday be in the same category but not yet.
Easily Ronnie.

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Easily Lott....the dude cut off part of his finger for God's sake.
Ronnie Lott currently. If Willis continues his pace for a decade with this team, he will then be given that honor.
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