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Is our management too soft?

Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
Originally posted by PatrickWillisHOF:
Are the Yorks embarassed to admit that Alex was not the right pick in the draft? What other team has given their quarterback 6 years to prove himself? If a quarterback is on a team for 6 years, that means they are good. Not in our case. We have given Alex so many opportunities and he is still missing his targets. There is absolutely no excuse for missing a wide open Vernon Davis. Grow some balls, admit you were wrong, and get someone in here who will LEAD our team to victory.

We should cut alex because he missed a throw in preseason?..even though the year before the same duo tied an NFL record?

Exactly. It would be nice if people thought about what they were writing before actually posting.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Why do you believe the agenda of the Yorks is to win?

So their agenda is to loose? What is it, a tax fiddle?

Come on, look at the FAs. Look at the way they paid off Nolan to get rid of him. They are green, sure, but learning. But wanting to lose?

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