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Scot McCloughan (GM) = Terry Donahue (GM)

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2008 NFL Draft:

R1: Kentwan Balmer
- Looks like he can be labeled as a complete bust if he doesn't come back to the team

R2: Chilo Rachal
- Hopefully he'll kick it up a notch, but right now he's a mediocre RG.

R3: Reggie Smith
- He's shown flashes on the practice field, but he's never demonstrated anything in the regular season. He may also get passed by Taylor Mays for the 3rd S spot.

R4: Cody Wallace
- Even with Heitmann's injury, Baas and Wragge will be the primary centers. Compete bust pick.

R6: Josh Morgan
- This is where the Terry Donahue comparison stands true. Morgan has developed into a solid #2/#3 starting WR, and Donahue found some gems in the late rounds (Battle, Heitmann, Lee).

R7: Larry Grant
- Not a fit for the 3-4 D, but Grant seems to be developing into a promising player - ala Koiser.

2009 NFL Draft:

R1: Michael Crabtree
- This may be the only exception to my comparison.

R3: Glen Coffee
- Retired before entering his 2nd year in the league.

R5: Scott McKillop
- Solid backup/ST player ala Keith Lewis

R5: Nate Davis
- Preseason will decide his fate, but he does compare a bit to Cody Pickett.

R6: Bear Pascoe
- Good pick on draft day, but got cut before the regular season.

R7: Curtis Taylor
- Again, this could be a Keith Lewis type pick. Taylor has shown flashes in practice this year.

- Another good late selection. It's sad that, outside of Crabtree, Taylor and RJF are the ones with the highest ceiling it seems like.


Obviously, it's not the perfect comparison, but you can see where there are great similarities.
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You forgot his biggest failure, Alex Smith.

Oh well, somehow in the Scotty Mac era we ended up with Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, Crabtree, and Gore, and the makings of a future playoff team.
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Originally posted by crzy:
You forgot his biggest failure, Alex Smith.

Oh well, somehow in the Scotty Mac era we ended up with Patrick Willis, Vernon Davis, Crabtree, and Gore, and the makings of a future playoff team.

I meant McCloughan as a GM, not just part of the organization.

You could attribute Julian Peterson and Andre Carter to Donahue as well if you wanted since he was part of the organization (Director of Player Personnel)
Dude your Way OFFFFFFFFF As much as i hate Scot he was no where near as bad as Donahue was (at least he was in the bay at headquarters most of the time) Check some of Terry's Greatest Hits 01-05 was his tenure:

01 Draft 1st Rd:-Andre Carter (Never Lived up to his potential. Showed flashes here & there) I'll give him a C+
2nd Round: Jamie Winborn (a fan fav, but what about Matt Light?? or Shaun Rogers?) BUST
3rd Rd: Kevin Barlow(WOW lol over LT was the best RB to come out of this class. We could've had LaMont Jordan in the 2nd) BUST

02 Draft 1st Rd: LOL MIKE RUMPH!!! BUST!! I need not say more
2nd Rd:No Pick
3rd Rd: Saleem Rasheed LOL 2 for 2 in the Bust Department
4thRd: Kicker Jeff Chandler BUST!! 3 for 3 He might as well have called it quites after these first 3 picks
5th Rd: Brandon Doman Qb -BUST!!!
6th Rd: Mark Anelli TE-NEP!!!!!!!

03 Draft 1st Rd: Kwame Harris a fan Fav lol- BUST!! Could've had RB Larry Johnson or Nnamdi Asomugha or Nick Barnett. f**k U TERRY
2nd Round- Anthony Adams - Cto a B- grade. At least he contributed
3rd Rd: DE Andrew Williams - BUST
4th Rd: Brandon Lloyd- BUST!! He didn't do s**t. f**k him
5th Rd: TE Aaron Walker - Bust
6th- Arnaz Battle - I'll give him a B because Battle showed heart, and played for us for a while

04 Draft 1st Rd: Rashaun Woods - LOL BUST!!
2 Rd: Justin Smiley - where is he now?
2 Rd: Shawntae Spencer A++ His best pick to date
3rd Rd: Derrick Hamilton Wr Clemson BUST
4th Rd: Isaac Sopoaga A at least he's a mainstay
4th Rd: Richard Seigler ???? Seriously
6th Rd: Andy Lee!!!!

Look at that fabulous Job he did in 02? Scot never threw up a pooper like that

The majority of players star players on our team where scouted by Scot & picked by him. Where we are now is because of him for the most part. There would be no PATRICK WILLIS if it weren't for him. He stood high on Gore to and said we should take a chance on him. Yes he wet the bed a little here & there, but for the most part I wouldn't throw him under the bus.

IN NO WAY DOES HE COME CLOSE TO DONAHUE. Donahue f**ked us big time and got us into the mess were finally getting out of.

So no Scot does not = Terry in any way
GEEK, that wasn't coffee you were drinking this morning was it ?
Not even close. Donahue wouldn't have the brains to accept that Carolina trade or draft Patrick Willis.

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Why has Reggie Smith not hit the field......GOLDSON.
I was kind of on the Fence with McCough as GM, he definitely had more misses than hits. But the selections of Balmer and Coffee is just too much. Nobody like the picks, but we all gave them the benefit of the doubt since they are 9ers. Now their busts in less than 1-2 years, that's just ridiculous.

I will say this for McCough, he got Crabtree who fell into his lap and also traded the 2nd round pick that ended up being Iupati. 08's draft was just pathetic, especially since he cost the 5th round pick to the Bears, but if N. Davis develops it will lessen the blow.
My 89 year-old mother would have drafted Crabtree...that was a no-brainer and had nothing to do with strategy...but, long term, it remains to be seen whether Michael Oher wouldn't have been a better pick for the 49ers...
I've been saying our drafts sucked for some time now. They both were horrible. With that said. You have to consider where Donahue had to pick as opposed to Scotty/Nolan. IMO Terry's best drafting was after the 1st round. While Scotty's/Nolan's were mainly just good 1st round picks.

go back to the parking lot, cowboys fan
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I would give Scotty a C grade as he had as many winners as losers, not fair to compare him to Donahue who gets an F. Donahue and Joe Thomas (oops I am dating myself) were the worst GMs in 49er history, Scotty wasn't close.
Originally posted by RonMexico:
go back to the parking lot, vikqueens fan

The Niners could have ended up with Dez and Oher if that would add to the arugment..
Donahue was probably one of the worst GMs in history.
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