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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
I wanna beat their cheerleaders so bad.

Seems like they have our number... I want to beat them bad. I still remember the "T.O. game" in Philly. Their kicker got hurt and their TE kicked FGs and extra points. They were kind of rubbing it in that game... a holes.
We must show no mercy!
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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:

I'd smash it
Originally posted by lamontb:
Originally posted by GatorNiner21:
You know DeSean is going to want to have a big game against us in his stomping grounds.

Let's not let last year happen again and take notes on how the Cowgirls defended him. Their gameplan seems to take that punk completely out of the game.

Cowboys CB's have speed, and they have Demarcus Ware. Niners can't copy that.

Originally posted by joeymac49s:
Growing up 15 min. from Eagle Stadium all my life and being a diehard Niner fan I hope we beat them so bad they walk off the field before it's over for fear of not getting out of there with their lives!!! You guys have NO IDEA how bad it gets here... if you see a Philly fan from Philly, throw somethin at em'... Other then the Cowgirls, the Eagles are one of the teams I hate the most. The worse part is, these "die-hard" eagles fans don't know s**t about football or the NFL. 3/4th of them can't tell you who the QB was before McNabb took over and they started winning. Trust me, Eagles fan are the most bandwagon fans you'll ever see........ Now, to clear something up... Its not ALL Philly fans that are like that, it's Eagles fans... You can go to a Phils game, Sixers game, eh sometimes a Flyers game... cheer for your team, support them and not have a problem!! It's only Eagles fans b/c 1. Philly is a football town and 2. 90% of them are drunk A@@Holes!!!! Just my 2 cents....... GO NINERS!!!!!!

A phillies fan threw up on a girl at the stadium and then clowns kept running on the field on purpose just to get on tv. I would say it's more than just the Eagles. And most folks I know from Philly are beyond die hard fans of all there teams.

One guy was an A-Hole and threw up on a girl... fans run on the field at every event it was only in the news b/c the kid got tazed. I didn't say the fans weren't diehard for the other teams... it's just that they don't tailgate the other sports like they do football... 99% of the people that cross the line at Eagles games are drunk off their A@@'s. Trust me I have season tickets to the Phils and have brought many many customers and friends that have worn other teams clothes and there has never been a problem. I also had half season tickets to Flyers and Sixers and again, hardly ever a problem. Philadelphia LOVES their sports and most people appreciate their diehardness... the problem is like most people are saying Eagles and Raiders fans cross the line!! NINERS- LETS SHUT EM' UP FOR A YEAR, I BEG YOU!!! lol
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Use it...
we are going to f**king die

If we trade for Kolb we'll have a chance.
we lost already
Tank for Locker/ Cutler 2.0
vicks hurt
We WILL win this game.
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