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Forget About the Secondary - NT Is Now a HUGE Concern for 2010

Originally posted by NinerGM:
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
Meh, Franklin is gonna take an extended vacation until the final 2 pre-season games since he knows he (of course) has roster security/importance so he can dodge training camp injuries.

Snake - I do agree with this to an extent.

Singletary prides his unit on being tough, hence the nutcracker drill. If all players could avoid training camp injuries, then let's just extend this option to all players:

49er Training Camp for Rookies and Selected Vets.....

My problem with this approach is that team cohesion is built during camp. Our team can ill afford a slow start this season since the first half will be much, much stronger than the second half of the season:

@Seahawks - 1:15p
Saints - 5:30p
@Chiefs - 10:00a
@Falcons - 10:00a
Eagles - 5:20p

Cheifs won't be a pushover ... the others will be battles.

Nothing wrong with being cautious....lord knows we're all conditioned to it after the last 7 years. I honestly do feel we'll steamroll over Seattle, Kansas City, and Philadelphia though. Westbrook is going to come out and have himself a monster game against his former team under the Sunday Night lights.

I wouldn't be surprised to see us kick New Orleans' ass on MNF, either. That single game sets the tone for the whole season, and a strong showing would boost this team's confidence into the stratosphere.

The concern here is Atlanta. I think there is going to be a bit of a mental block considering what happened last year for our guys. Nothing would please me more than putting those guys in their place in the Georgia Dome, but honestly do feel the Mike Smith/Matt Ryan era is the real deal, and only getting started. In fact, I have them pegged to take the NFC South back this year after NO's obligatory Super Bowl hangover.

I getting way off topic here though, lol. I'm anticipating another solid year of NT play for our defense. Franklin's been running our system long enough that all the training camp chemistry won't be an issue. He enters 2010 as a mercenary, a man for hire, working for a big deal in 2011. That's motivation enough for me.
Isn't the hardest part of camp over now?

shouldn't it be just conditioning, walk throughs and Video break downs?

Why would AF stay away now?
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Isn't the hardest part of camp over now?

shouldn't it be just conditioning, walk throughs and Video break downs?

Why would AF stay away now?

Probably cause NFL players only need 2 games to get ready for the regular season, that and he knows he can miss one more week before the team starts looking at him to get his butt into camp. He already said he'll sign, my guess is its gonna be late this week, and be a healthy scratch for the game, or Monday.

He's probably spent the past two weeks getting into shape from the off-season break and will be ready to go next week.
Also NT isn't a concern anymore, RJF has shown vast improvement and held his own against the Colts first teamers. Just like with the O-Line, Vikings are gonna be a great test for our D-Line, especially RJF. If he can get through double teams by Hutch and Sullivan then we are in great shape at this position, excited to see if he can pull it off.
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