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What does Alex need to do this season to get a contract extension?

What does Alex need to do this season to get a contract extension?

6000 yards passing and 1000 yards rushing with 60 touchdowns. He also has to hurdle at least ten players while scrambling and throw at least 5 pancake blocks on reverses or other plays.

Also, he needs to to throw 10-15 defensive linemen over his shoulder, flipping them up into the air so hard that they injure themselves when they hit the ground.

He does these things, in the eyes of all, he will deserve the extension. But only if.
Make it to playoffs and win atleast one game in postseason. Also he need to show that he can lead the team in last 2 minuetes and play well under pressure.
If he plays well, makes good decisions (and makes them timely), has accuracy, and leads the team well regardless of the outcomes, he should stay. If he plays poorly, makes bad decisions, and does not lead well, then they should let him go.

I don't like assigning specific numbers in stats, as a QB could so easily have exaggerated stats because they are constantly playing from behind and have to abandon the run. I don't like saying he has to win x number of games, because it takes more than one player to win, in fact, there are three units and he only plays with one. But you should be able to watch his play and see that he is contributing to the team in a significant and positive way.

I just hope he doesn't have another year where he is slightly better, continuing to improve, but still at a slow pace. He has improved over his tenure and moved towards where he needs to be, but he needs to expedite that process and get there. If he can do that, they should give him an extension.
Playoffs, winning at least a few games himself( basically putting the team on his shoulders when they might not be at their best), removing doubt that he ca be the leader of the team.
I bet he gets extended quite frequently. I know I would.

Wait, what?
i think a combination of all those things. just has to became a better QB, become a more accurate passer and lead this to to some wins.
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Originally posted by redrathman:
I bet he gets extended quite frequently. I know I would.

Wait, what?

Now thats the perfect excuse for next year......
1. Lead the 49ers to a playoff berth. Be the leader he was at Utah.

2. Make the pro bowl or at least the first alternate.

3. Have good starting QB stats. Over 60% completions, 3000 + yards passing, 25-35 TD's, 8-10 interceptions, and season passer rating over 90.
Playoffs are good enough for me.
shoulda inked him before his value blew up after this play

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