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Start Ted Ginn over Josh Morgan?

Originally posted by wolfpack52:
Will never happen even if Ginn learns to catch. As previously stated Morgan is a top blocker at the WR position and Ginn is a piss poor blocker.

Personally I think the Ginn's ability to stretch the field trumps Morgan's blocking. The reality is when we motion Morgan into the backfield to block the defense already knows what the play is.
let training camp decide.
Gin over Morgan?


If Scotty were still around, I'd call it a toss up. Or, toss it up after a night of the above :)

I know, I know, I'm going to hell.

But at least I'll have company
Speed isn't everything. Ted Ginn doesn't know the offense. Hasn't worked with Smith. His best shot is as the third guy and he'll get the ball if he's wide open and doesn't manage to drop it.
anything could happen
Originally posted by Grigga2021:
Originally posted by ZRF80:
We need: T.O.

I couldnt agree more. but lets not turn this into a TO thread

Let's......crabtree and Owens out wide and Ginn at the slot!
E! ......A! ........SPORTS!
Dumb Dudumb dumb dumb!

Morgan = one of the best blocking WR's in the NFL, Ginn = one trick pony. Ginn as the #3 nuff said, I do see him lining up on the outside and Morgan taking the slot though when he is in to capitalize on his speed.

But lets be serious, Ginn is a liability in the running game and if he is the #2 we would basically be telling the defense which direction we are running to every time.
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
E! ......A! ........SPORTS!

It's in the game!
Originally posted by tjd808185:
This kind of goes back to the Ashley Lelie should be starting threads a few years back. Ideally you want the speed on the field to stretch the defense, but if the guy doesn't produce then it's really not helping you at all.

I hope Ginn steps his game up and wins the job, because it is what's best for our offense, but if I'm not holding my breath on that. On the bright side Devery Hendersen had the same struggles as Ginn and he's seemed to turn the corner.

With the only difference being that Lelie was once a decent WR in the NFL.


Knowing Morgan, he probably gave his spot to Ginn.
From the looks of what we're doing with Crabs (rotation out of the X to create matchup quandaries), it seems almost too obvious we'll be rotating Ginn in and out of the "X" position as well.

-And the "X" position is where you primarily place your speed option in the passing game (whose duties do not ultimately require a lot of cuts and breaks, but straight-line speed up the sideline).

Ginn is not a very elusive dude (for all the speed he has), and slot duties require a lot of cuts/breaks/route expertise (which Ginn somewhat lacks), so I see Ginn as our best 'X' over Morgan, who's speed is 'border-line'.
Ginn should be the number 3 WR and thats it
Originally posted by valrod33:
Ginn should be the number 3 WR and thats it

Is that so? At this point Ginn is the most accomplished reciever on the team. He has prduced more yards and TD's than any other reciever on the team and thus despite his previous problems, he must be considered a legitimate starting option.
Originally posted by Karma:
Ginn excels at deep post or go routes, but he is still not the all-around receiver Morgan is becoming. No, Morgan won't have 80+ receptions, but he is strong enough to go over the middle and he is one of the best blocking WRs in the game. His blocking alone puts him ahead of Ginn on the depth chart. Ginn will definitely see the field, but Morgan is a much better compliment to Crabtree at this point.
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