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Bulaga Drama...

Did 49ers say they were drafting Bulaga?

"Did the 49ers tell Iowa's Bryan Bulaga they were going to draft him before they traded up to snag another offensive tackle, Anthony Davis? That's what it says in this Green Bay Press Gazette story. The assertion is unattributed, but you'd have to figure it came from Bulaga. Oh, and one other nugget from the article: Bulaga doesn't like San Francisco. Enjoy your cheese curds."

For the record... i always thought this guy just looked like a Douche. Glad we didn't draft his punk ass...

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I just finished reading that. f**k BULAGA
f**k Bulaga Whale
Haha what a little b***h
The guy has short arms. Even Warren Sapp thinks he will end up like Robert Gallery, whom he played with, as a guard because of his arm length.

That's fine, we got two better OL men with higher ceilings.
Enjoy your cheese curds.

didnt like New York or San Francisco..two urban cities

But loves green bay, where the population is 87% white

just sayin

We got the player with the better upside, case closed.
Balmer will kick his ass
The quote is unattributed and misleading.

Teams commonly tell kids they're looking to draft them at a certain pick prior to the draft. The quote almost implies that the 49ers had called Bulaga prior to the 11th pick (which they didn't).

Originally posted by valrod33:
I just finished reading that. f**k BULAGA

Yah f**k that fool.

Next time he comes up to SF Im gonna go and bust cap in his ass.
I'd take both Davis and Iupati over Bulaga any day.

I think Bulaga will play well in Green Bay, but he is much more of a technician who has really already maximized his potential. He will be a solid player, but I don't think he'll ever be great.

Davis and Iupati are just scratching the surface of how good they can be. Thats good and bad...If they don't realize that potential, its a waste. If they DO realize that potential, they will be MONSTERS.

Bulaga is just pissed his favorite team growing up didn't draft him.

Baalke probably did tell him that they were going to draft him but when Davis fell by Oakland and Buffalo, they went after Davis.

Every team does this.
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49ers is Bulaga's team growing up, I think hes just pissed we didn't draft him.
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