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We Should Thank Nolan For the Character of this Team

yes. lets not forget what an absolute DISASTER this franchise was when nolan got here...
what he did, not many ppl could do. and there were MANY obstacles he had no control over,
such as his 1st 2 OCs leaving for very good HC gigs his 1st 2 yrs and his "franchise QB"
going down for the year in his 3rd.

i've kinda started to look at nolan like a starting pitcher...
yah, it'd be great if he could throw a complete game shutout, but he got into some trouble
and tho he pitched a competitive game he could only last until the 6th.
now the question is, can sing be the closer? or is he just middle relief?
Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
Originally posted by Joecool:
Originally posted by pelos21:
Originally posted by 49ersMyLife:
Originally posted by pelos21:
I thought Nolan didn't wanna bring in troubled guys

Read the post again. What Joe is saying is, because we have plenty of high character guys, who are now the leaders of the locker-room - we can bring in some troubled guys to surround them with the right ppl.

Yeah but the thread says thank Nolan, not Singletary.

Nolan helped bring some very good players to this team. Singletary is getting everything out of them, but Nolan brought them here. We just franchised Franklin but it's more about these guys' character.

Justin Smith
Vernon Davis
Alex Smith (leads by example very well)
Frank Gore
Nate Clements
Patrick Willis (Scott McClughon)

These guys lead this team and make sure everyone does what they need to do.

You're also forget Michael Lewis and Michael Robinson. Both are high character guys.

Don't forget Antonio Bryant
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
F*ck Mike Nolan.

Nolan was a f**king horrible disciplinarian, our o-line had the worst false-start record in the league for almost his entire tenor here, and Vernon Davis was freely getting into fights with people left and right yelling: "f**k YOU N*GGA!!!"

There was practically zero repetition during workouts/practices, and absolutely no accountability amongst the behavior of the roster/coaching staff (and Nolan made throwing people under the bus an art form).

Beyond the fact that Nolan gave us Singletary (and some semi-decent McCloughan-filled drafts) that man (for the head coach he once was) can just go f**k himself.
Nolan was a good GM. Our team has great overall chemistry because of his vision.

However, Nolan was a poor coach and not the best "people" person. But the character of this football team is Mike Nolan's doing. Singletary is just continuing the process.
Originally posted by Joecool:
Who would have thought we would be like the old Niners or the Patriot. The character of the leaders on this team and the ownership they have is to THAT level now. You know, the level where we can bring in troubled players and keep them in a straight line for less value. Nolan started this philosphy and Singletary is enforcing it.

Oh noes you're killing me bro
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Nolan may have wanted the philosophy but he had to bring Singletary and his HOF along with him for credibility. I can't think of one guy that Nolan turned for the better, character wise. But Singletary did turn around V. Davis and went along way in influencing the mentality of other guys on the team. They seems to genuinely like to play for Singletary, even when they know he can be tough on them.

Nolan knows x and o's= coordinator
Sing don't know as much x and o's but knows how to lead = head coach

Best thing that Nolan did for us was brought Singletary with him.

Nolan knows defensive X's and O's. When he was with the 49ers he had no clue about the offense.
Someone just haad to bring back Nolan talk lol
So is this a Mike Nolan appreciation thread? Who dug this up?
Mike Nolan is the man, its not his fault the players sucked, I'd take his X's and O's and clock management over Singletary's any day.

Nolan Guy

Mike Nolan was an A+ coach in the offseason. It's too bad that pesky football season kept getting in the way.
Originally posted by ghostrider:
Mike Nolan was an A+ coach in the offseason. It's too bad that pesky football season kept getting in the way.

I would like to think so
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
F*ck Mike Nolan.
Trying to groom a #1 quarterback on a squad starting from scratch is a really tough job. Even Peyton Manning's initial coach got the boot. It's a results orientated business and you almost always start off with 2 strikes against you because you have to throw away your 1st 2 seasons.

He had some bad luck (McCarthy and Turner leaving, Alex getting hurt), and made some bad mistakes (his handling of Alex, Billy Davis, Jeff Hostler). He deserved to get the boot, but you're right that he left us in good position to make a run.
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