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PYMWYMI, Year 5.... (2010-2011)

13-3 well lose to packers in the cold ,lose ta chargers and lose to eagles

i do think well beat saints and rest ide be shocked to lose to
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9-7 book it
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I expect the team to struggle early with two rookie lineman, but finish strong in the second half of the season and make the playoffs.

9 - 7
Only a few days left to vote, people.

I'm going with 10-6.
12 wins, 4 losses.
I'll finalize the chart when TC opens.
12-4. Looking at our schedule I can't see us losing more than 5 games. we will go 6-0 in division, and I don't believe Mike Singletary will let us lose to the falcons especially im the same manner as before.

10-6 and undefeated in the NFC West!!!!
9-7 you need to factor in the bumps and strains
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11-5 is where I put my Money....

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