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Phillip Adams is a Niner!

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It is true about Adams being a Ninja he is listed anywhere from 5'9-6'1 however I believe him to be 5'10-5'11 he does appear to be the cover CB that the 49ers are lacking the key word about him is that he is a very physical CB WRs are in for a streetfight when they play against him. He also has the desired loose hips, can't wait to see him in TC
Originally posted by East49:

At 5-foot-11, 192 pounds, he's solidly built and not afraid to tackle. He's also shown a strong instinct for the ball, with 11 interceptions in four years, two of those returned for touchdowns.

After the season, he was invited to play in a pair of postseason all-star games, the HBCU Senior Bowl and the Texas vs. The Nation game.

There, he impressed NFL scouts with his ability to play press coverage, one of the biggest demands when any college player moves up a level.

"He's a good player," said one NFC scout. "Really tough kid, good speed, he's got a chance to be a nice pickup for someone late in the draft."

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That he had 11 picks in his career is nice. Haden only had 8. I know haden played at a higher level of competion, but maybe Adams producttion can translate to the pros one day.
The guy has experience at Safety. I wonder if he could play F.S. for us?
Originally posted by OnTheClock:
Balanced corner, likely to be only a practice-squader or special teamer. Strength is in run support. Not afraid to come up and pop people.

Did have some big plays last year (1 pick six, 1 fumble recovery for a TD).

Bump-and-run corner mainly. Not that great when the receiver can quickly undercut. Might get burned on flag and "stop and go" routes.

sounds like Keith Lewis. Loved the guy, but he only made the team when we had very little talent.
Cornerback Phillip Adams (seventh round): I learned that South Carolina State needs a better film machine.

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i already forgot about this dude.
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alright 30+ pages here we go!
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just got to watch the TV49 video of the first rookie camp and from the little video I saw of this kid workin, looked like he was bringin it. He was flyin in the drills, check it out!! He even interviewed pretty well for a 7th round rookie I had never heard of.

id link it for ya'll but im to lazy right now

CB Phillip Adams

I wish there was more info on this guy. Little to no game film, draft experts who've never heard of him, I want to know how the niners found this guy. What were they basing their decision to draft him on? "He's physical" ... great, care to elaborate? How did you come to that conclusion? Anything else you like about his game?

I'll be optimist and believe his anonymity makes him more likely to have talent that exceeds his draft position until evidence arises to the contrary.

Who knows, maybe he'll prove to be a huge steal.
he looks like a young Nate Clements
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Hope we found a gem in Adams, seems quick and fluid, hope that transitions to the field.

CB Phillip Adams
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