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Anthony Dixon is a Niner!

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Please us this thread. You will also find a thread in the "Draft War Room" if you wish to discuss the 49ers utilization of this pick in general. Additional threads may be locked or merged (and members warned) at the discretion of the moderating staff.
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I wonder if he is related to Mason Dixon?
Mississippi's State all time leading rusher not bad

GOOD NOW WE CAN GET RID OF Michael Robinson so we can give Dixon #24

im still wondering why the niners didnt address the Cornerback position in the draft
i hope we dont have the problem this year how we had with not drafting a O linemen last year in the draft
He's a heavy man.
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I think this will be a pick we will look back on and
Good value pick. He was projected as a 4th rounder and he was 1st team All-SEC.

great f'n pick up!
Great pick, I have seen this guy play several times and he gets yards even though everyone knows he is getting the ball.
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From those video clips he looks pretty good.
Originally posted by pelos21:
Good value pick. He was projected as a 4th rounder and he was 1st team All-SEC.

actually he was projected with the 1st 2 rounds but his off field issues probably made him drop
No worries Sing make sure he doesnt get out of line in Frisco
Goal line back, perhaps? I agree with Esco...we're gonna look back and be amazed that we got him in the 6th.
A steal!


Positives: Large interior runner with vision and instincts. Patient, waits for blocks to develop, and quickly finds the running lanes. Displays a burst of speed, keeps his feet driving up the field, and works runs hard. Grinds it out on the inside, resilient, and stays with the play, trying to pick up as much yardage as possible. Breaks tackles or picks up a lot yardage off initial contact. Falls forward when tackled. Solid pass catcher out of the backfield.

Negatives: Not elusive ball-carrier who makes defenders miss or creates yardage. Average speed in his overall game.

Analysis: Dixon is a hard charging ball-carrier who can be a featured runner at the next level. In many ways he reminds us of Michael Turner at this point in his career, and like the Atlanta Falcons ball-carrier, Dixon could eventually develop into a starter over time.

Sounds like another 'downhill runner' type, this guy only went this far because of a DUI charge/college suspension last summer (was supposed to be a day 2 talent), if this guy shows up hungry enough he could put Glenn Coffee out of a job for sure.
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