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Football Ops Department now headed by 28 and 33 year olds

No GM with a little over a month to go before the draft..... Wonder how much the team's board is going to change?
For people that hated Scotty, this could be a good thing. After all, he did draft Balmer....... Then again, he did make some solid picks also....... I really don't care for the guy one way or another, but having the GM leave this close to the draft is not good.
Who has the final say on picks? Free Agents?
Gamble and Baalke will be running the draft with Singletary. Paraag and Jed are very business savvy and I like what they have done so far in the business department. Paraag is great with structuring contracts.

Just because you are young does not mean you can't be good at your job and I would rather have Jed and Paraag running things than a Al Davis.
I just hope they dont make any bonehead draft day trades, some of the more experienced GM's in the league might try and take advantage of them and talk them into a deal that will hurt the team.

Lets hope they stand pat with the picks we have and draft players that will help out in weak areas, we are not in the position to draft the best player available, our offensive line needs a starting RT, we need help at safety and OLB, hopefully that will be addressed with the first three picks, and with that said I hope they dont make any dumb trades like moving up in the top 10 to take a QB or something like that
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This team is a joke....
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The 49ers have become Detroit Lions West with this pathetic front office and ownership.
we're doomed!!!
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