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GM McCloughan (possibly) stepping down????

Originally posted by Kurtz49:
Regardless if this is some internal issue or a personal crisis, Scot leaving at this time would not be good. Hard to imagine there is anyone we could get at this point in the off-season that could take over his responsibilities.

This is going to keep me up tonight...

Yeah no doubt.

This has to be some kind of power play ala Mullin / Riley / Nelson with the Warriors
Originally posted by DesiDez:
Maybe McCloughan didn't want Singletary as coach after the 2009 season but Jed did. This has the makings of Jed/Sing vs McCloughan battle. And then McCloughan signs David Carr, and trades Shaun Hill who's was a Singletary favorite. I also think that maybe McCloughan somehow forced Alex Smith into the starting job last season pissing Singletary off. (this is just my speculation).

Eagerly awaiting Michael Silver from because his source is McCloughan.

Good call. Silver will be all over this.
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I wonder if the draft board will change if McCloughan does decide to step down???

Will we now be drafting Earl Thomas at #17???
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Hire Floyd Reese!! Scotty was a piss poor GM and shouldn't have had a job after Nolan left, I hope he does walk
I'm at a loss for words. He was one of the bright up and coming GM's. I've come on these boards and stood up for him when everyone else wanted his head and if he's leaving for another GM role I'm going to be pissed. I thought the niners finally had a front office to be proud of and now this right before the draft. There must be some type of internal issue which has made him want to give his dream job up for because I don't see him as a person who would leave one GM job for another.
Just got hit by the twittah, what the hell is going on over there? Its either a promotion for Scot or personal family/ health issues. He really seems to love the team so something has to come out ASAP. Where is the info MAIOCCO!!! lol
who else are we going to replace him with? you bring in a new gm and it's rebuild mode all over again

If this is because Sing is on a power trip I swear to bob
Originally posted by doc_brown_:
Maybe Coach Singletary's acting too much like Coach/GM Singletary!

Brian Billick as GM?

Why is everyone freaking out? If i remember right a lot of people were calling for McClueless to be fired anyways. I can understand that this is a jacked up move right before the draft but lets face it....I'm just glad he may be gone.

I'm sure this all because of Spiller.
Infighting in the front office? That's what happens when the team is run by a bunch of amateurs.
Wow, unbelievable............I'm shocked and I'm basically going to await the reasoning for this.

We never get a break.
Its funny, back in the day, you NEVER really heard about McVay. Walsh was such a gigantic figure, along with Eddie D, and the players that McVay was able to do his job in relative anonymity. Walsh is credited with all the great moves (drafting 3 rookies in the secondary in 1981, bringing along Joe slowly while Deberg / Hofer were the human targets, getting Hacksaw, trading for Fred Dean, Russ Francis, the 1986 Draft, the Young trade, giving up nothing for Wendell Tyler, etc).

McClueless, for those that know him lol, has been scrutinized, hypersentized, and picked over every move like a buzzard. Maybe he doesn't like the scrutiny that comes with today's NFL. Today's NFL GM wears a bullseye more so than any other time. Even in SEA, he was second fiddle to Holmgren and could deflect the fire.

Every time he takes a dump, its on Twitter.

Just saying.

Perhaps he wants to join Mike in Cleveland.

Anybody think of THAT.
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