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Alex Boone

Originally posted by oldman9er:
Just getting into my play by play, but yeah... don't remember any issues with Boone. Feel sure enough to say he had another great game.

I was just thinking the same thing. If an OL does not draw attention to himself, he had a great game. It appear the Boone/Anthony Davis combination have a good chemistry. This is a marked improvement over the Chilo days of confusion
Man Boone almost reminds me of when we picked up Big Kevin Gogan. No time to look up his size, but im pretty sure he was about 6'7 or close to it. So Boone's size shouldn't be a problem. If he keeps learning, he may become a great run blocker like Gogan was. These are good problems to have. I love it when a Harbaugh plan comes together.
After finishing the 1st quarter review of our offense... only 1 bad run block play for Mr. Boone so far. All else from him has been solid.
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