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Shaun Hill Traded

Alright , Smithers.

You're on your own.

Anything for Hill is good at this point in time.
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He will be a solid back up for the Lions and could make a few starts if Stafford gets injured. I think it was a good move.
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Cool, I can't believe noodle arm got us a draft pick.
good luck shaun .
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The good news is this 7th round pick will basically be a 6th since the Lions will be drafting in the top five again next year. Good luck to Shaun Hill, hopefully Stafford gets hurt so Hill can get a decent contract after this year with a better team.
I can not believe we got anything for him considering he was most likely going to get released anyway. I am very happy for Hill and glad that we got something for him. Now move on.
Thanks for all the last season hope you gave us :p

Good luck in detroit!!
I wish he was still the starter. We'd be in the playoffs

***to be fair we would be in the playoffs if his level of play kept us from benching him
I'm really surprised we actually were able to trade him.

Anyway, Hill played great and gave us some good games, best of luck in Detroit!

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A 7th rounder? Come on, at least a 6th... Well good luck to you Shaun, and I hope the best for you.
Good news! I didn't think we could trade him. Good luck Hill.
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