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What would you do if the Niners don't re-sign Willis?

I would cry and be depressed. Then I'd write Jed York and inform him why I was no longer a 49er fan until his family decided to sell the Franchise.

I can't stand to see such a proud organization get thrown to the ground because our owners are too cheap. If they don't re-sign easily the best young MLB in the game then they can't be committed to winning, only to their checkbooks. At that point they just want their money and don't really care about the 49ers; their fans, the name or the legacy.

I think Jed does care. I think he wants to win and he wants to win now, which is exactly why he'll re-sign Willis to the biggest deal for a MLB in NFL history.
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Probably end up making a song like this:

unless the 49ers are offered a blockbuster trade he ain't goin' NOWHERE
Scott could shove my season tickets, "where the sun don't shine". . . sideways
Honestly, if he doesn't want to resign do we really want him?

I think that because we've shown how important he is, like his desire to keep franklin, and a few others. I think you keep people happy by keeping the people around them happy, and if we sign goldson and keep others feeling valued by the organization there's no question he will want to be a 49er for a while if not his whole career.

I would shart.
Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
Probably end up making a song like this:

This is the best song ever created.
Originally posted by TheSixthRing:
Probably end up making a song like this:

Originally posted by susweel:
I for actually wouldn't be surprised if that did happened.

Yeah. He obviously hates it here. We should trade him while his value is at maximum.

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