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What would you do if the Niners don't re-sign Willis?

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Typical Communist reaction....

yeah crying out for the mods

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You guys know that there is a strong possibility of this happening , right?

Willis is known league-wide, already has been hanging out with Rex Ryan's tampering ass at some MMA event, and teh cap free season?

Douchenozzles like Al Davis and Jerry Jones might pay triple for Willis.

To your point, I dont think we have the "fire power" to win an all out bidding war. Our only real chance of signing him is if he wants to be here. Unless we go deep into the playoffs the next 2 years I doubt he would stay.
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seriously, what would you do?

I would know that this organization at that point is not serious about rebuilding this team. There are certain players that you want to keep in rebuilding a team, Willis is one of them.

I might would avoid following football for a while, until they are serious again, in the hypothetical world that this condition would come to fruition.
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seriously, what would you do?

what are you talking about man ? i bought a jersey with his number cos i thought he was going to be a stud for a long long time with the niners
There's no plan B here
Don't talk about shlt !
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Even if we don't re-sign him, we will franchise him (at least twice). I think he will re-sign with us before it comes to that situation. Dansby's deal has set the bar. Of course Willis will command higher salary, but it won't be ridiculously more than Dansby's.

Staley got a longgggg term deal, we should try to sign Willis until 2020
He will be here for at least 3 seasons. They will franchise him twice. 49ers should start winning games though or else I could see him wanting out and wanting to win a championship.
Coach Sing would kick Scotts ass if he let Willis walk...
Go into a crack cocaine induced coma.
move to Russia and start a new life.
i'm from pennsylvania and don't like the steelers, so i'd probably become a jets or browns fan... just kidding but i'd probably be really pissed off and stop watching the NFL for a long time

If Willis left I was be heartbroken and tramatized for a few weeks, if the team he left for was those GD Cowgirls I would lose my mind in shear extreme insane red rage and have to bring a rifle to the next Cowgirls homegame and be trigger happy with anyone with JJ Intials.

Willis will resign long term with the Niners no way our Front office lets the best MLB get away without a ton of compensation
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I'd probably go spend time with my wife and daughter. There are more important things in life than football and whether a certain player signs/resigns with that team.

C'mon man!
Let me see...I would probably say to hell with the 49ers and since I live in VA, become a Redskins fan...atleast until our front office is replaced...
i'd be sad
there are 2 players in the bay area that MUST stay with their current teams for the rest of their careers. this city has 2 HOF players, playing at an elite level before theyve even hit prime age, and if both are healthy, will go down as one of the best to ever play his sport.

Tim Lincecum and Patrick Willis MUST stay here. pay them what they want. its so rare to find talent like this, and for them to both be drafted and developed by the Giants and 49ers, it makes it extra awesome. i would be utterly disgusted with either of those franchises if we lose either player. inexcusable.

i have a very strong feeling that the Giants will pay for Lincecum. the Giants are notorious for keeping fan favorites a long time. they love pleasing the paying fanbase, which is part of whats great about being a Giants fan. plus they cant get away with paying Zito 126 mil and not giving Lincecum like 160. Sabean would need a police escort out of the state.

im a bit more worried about the Niners and Willis, simply because i dont think they understand what kind of an impact player they have. i can see them backing down and being cheap when push came to shove at the negotiating table. i hope im wrong, but they need to hurry up and lock him up long term so we can all breath easy.
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