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Where do you live? (Stadium Related)

Where do you live? (Stadium Related)

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I live in the south of the valley 2 hours from LA, 4 from SanFran, in a town probably none of you have heard of called shafter

perfect positioning just to hot here one summer it was 115 degrees 3 days in a row

After living in Phoenix for 20 years, 115 for 3 days sounds funny. Only 3 days. hahahahahahahahaha

lol, it gets hot enough here that when i was in football some kids from other schools around here have died from heat stroke. working out to hard i guess in to much heat.
but anyways im glad i dont live in pheonix

I wish we only had only 3 days of 115. We start hitting 100 in mid June to the last week of September. The hottest I could remember being in is 124

El Centro, CA
About 2500 miles away.

about 5 or 6 miles away
former home of the 49ers training camp, Rocklin CA. (about 24 miles north of Sacramento)
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I live in Maryland where the Ravens hold there training camp. I have followed the Niners since 1983 as a kid.
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I live in Portland and i gota deal with the seachicken fans god how I hate them
Pittston, Pennsylvania (Between Scranton and Wilkes-Barre) in Northeastern part
of Pennsylvania.

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That's hilarious!

Get Hyphy!

Oh yeah I forgot to say where I'm from. Born and raised in San Francisco, home of the Forty Niners!

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Just moved from Buffalo to Phoenix. Been a Niners fan since I was 5 (88 season). I just put the deposit down for my first Niners season tickers
dallas, I always go to the home opener and any game in dallas or houston.
Currently in Sydney.

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New Mexico

New Mexico isn't so new anymore. They need to change the name to Mexico Jr.

I thought California was Mexico Jr.

Watsonville, CA (if you know where that is) is Mexico Jr., or Little Mexico.
Laguna Beach, Ca. About 7-8hrs away but a nice road trip. I love SF, which is why I'm skeptical about Santa Clara, never been there.
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