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Does anybody think that Balmer has the potential to do....anything?

has potential to sit on the bench
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Balmer was 300+ pounds and yet looked absolutely skinny when we drafted him. His measurables were great. He was projected to be drafted mid to late first round.
What did we get? A project. Is that what we would have hoped for? Probably not. But is he a bust? I think it's too early to tell. Obviously he's not playing well enough to unseat Smith, Franklin or Sopoaga. But he has looked decent (if not outstanding) the little bit he's been on the field (as those who actually watch for him can attest).

Sometimes when you draft these kids who are talented physically, but "raw', that means that they really don't know how to play the game. Balmer is lucky he has the luxury of playing behind players who are giving the team quality minutes.

People keep saying how Smith got thrown in but Rodgers had the luxury of learning behind someone. Well, we have that with Balmer.

Do I think he's going to be a superstar? Probably not. But he still has a chance to be a solid player. After last year, many of us were ready to give up on Vernon Davis. But then the light came on.

McCloughan actually has a pretty good track record with his draft picks. And probably the biggest reason is what the team describes as "character". They put a huge emphasis on players with good work ethics. I suspect, that because if this, the light will go on for Balmer too, eventually, and he will end up being a productive player.
He will be good player, not great but a good player in this league. He was a project that needed to be developed when he was drafted and that is what he has been doing.
let all of the fair weather fans trash him...i'll judge him when its all said and done
Who cares.... Did anybody have first round expectations for him the moment we drafted him just another demetric evans, thats as good as he's going to be. I hope I'm wrong though
Originally posted by Born49R:
Wow, that Desean Jackson sure had a big impact against the Cowboys last weekend.

Oh, wait my bad. That was the offensive and defensive lines of the Cowboys. How silly of me.

he can't throw the ball to himself
He's the 2nd coming of Reggie McGrew
I'm pretty hopeful he'll develop into a nice player for us
Next year he'll be 24, which is still very young! We should give him the opportunity to show what he can do next season before we label him as a complete bust.

Remember, he played DT in a 4-3 at North Carolina. It was understood that there would be an adjustment period for him. What everyone is pissed off about is the fact that he's taking longer than expected to become acclimated to the NFL.

Next season will be his 3rd season in the NFL. Hopefully he "gets it" and becomes an asset for us on the D-line. If he doesn't, he'll become yet another blemish on Scotty's draft record.
The reason Balmer does not play many snaps is because:
1) Soap is a better run stuffer.
2) McDonald is a better pass rusher.

Those are the reasons. He is sitting behind several players who are really good at what they do.

Our D-line was great this year because of the guys that Balmer had to sit behind. Our defense is designed to be situational. Balmer is SOLID at stopping the run and SOLID at generating pressure but not GREAT, like Soap is as stopping the run, and not GREAT like McDonald is at generating pressure.

He hasn't played like crap, and he's certainly not a bust. With a few injuries, we're gonna need him badly. He was the right pick at the time to make and "unfortunately" for us, we have too many great players ahead of him right now.

Originally posted by 9er2631:
please how many of these project guys with tons of upside really ever pan out? im sooo over the guys with potential/ u hear me scot? i want guys who produced in college on a regular basis and didnt just show some flashes of good play and have a good body.

Abreyu Franklin
Manny Lawson
Parys Harylson
Delanie Walker

All were projects.

All have panned out in some form or fashion.

Another project that has panned out?

Ahmad Brooks. A project from the FA wire.

I don't subscribe to Projects Digest, but it seems to me that if you have solid coaching you have the luxury of picking up more projects than if you didn't.

I tell ya guys there are 3 coaches I will be extremely pissed if we just fire/not re-sign ala Everest.

Manusky. Say what you want but the guy does get results.
Hoener. I have to say that we probably have the most dangerous TE tandem in the league. Both are fast like Receivers and Punishing like FBs'. I'm Defensive minded but I would not relish having to hit either of those two.
Tomsula. He's had to really get Icebox and Franklin to where they could do the things they did this season. Taking on blockers and filling the gaps so our Linebackers could get in there and clean it up.

I like where this team is going. I'm not running out and buying '11 Super Bowl tix. But I'm TRULY excited to see what this team can do with Alex starting 16 games and Raye having a better idea how to use the personnel on the field. I really hope that McCloughan can get our important players re-signed as well.

I think that both Balmer and Brooks will have good seasons statistically because they will have a better understanding of what is expected of them as well.

"The future's so bright..."

Originally posted by Niners99:
He's the 2nd coming of Reggie McGrew

Ack the acrid stench of sarcasm. Gotta love it.

At least I'm hoping it's sarcasm.

It is sarcasm right N99?

I don't think he will work out. he just dont got IT.
Originally posted by Dajanksta:
I don't think he will work out. he just dont got IT.

Most 3-4 DE's "don't got it". He could certainly be a factor this coming season. Fortunately for us, Justin Smith and Ice had extremely productive seasons. It might not have even been the case that he was not practicing well enough, or showing the coaches enough. It could have been that the other D-lineman were simply much better.

Our D-line is the most underrated group on our team.
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