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Would many of you guys even know if a 3-4 D-Lineman was a bust if he was? I know they aren't going to show up on the stat sheet. A 3-4 lineman takes time to develop so lets not break out the bust card on a young guy. Man, you guys are harsh critics.

Most of the guys b***hing have no clue, they are just mad that we didn't draft DeSean Jackass.

Agreed,a lot of zoners expect instant stardom(Willis)otherwise the player's a bust.I couldn't believe people were calling Lawson a bust in his 2nd year when he was out most of that season with an injury(some people are a fn joke!)Now if the Niners can somehow pick up Spiller then Jackson would be all but forgotten.The 49ers do need a PR among other positions and he'd be a great pick.
Looks like he has the potential to be more explosive than DJ imo.

About Balmer:has potential.I've seen him make a few TFL in limited playing time and looked pretty good imo.

Go Niners